Complete Afterburn Workouts™

Finding the best workouts can be tricky to navigate with all the latest fads, empty promises, and people trying to sell the newest type of training as the best new fat loss exercise. Walking is okay, jogging is slightly better, spinning is boring, but unfortunately, with these methods, your body stops burning calories when you stop these exercises. They are a good way to get moving and build a very base level of fitness, but…

They will not get you the results you are looking for. Are you wondering if you should try kettlebells, TRX, Cross training, CrossFit, weight training, bodyweight classes, or core training for the best results? Imagine finding a workout that brings you through a full-body workout, incorporating all the above training variations to bring you the ultimate fat-burning, muscle-building classes that get you in the best shape possible in just 45 minutes, 4 times a week.

Classes focus on those problem areas that you have been checking out in the mirror, groaning at the sight of, and wondering when you can find something that will help you get the body you finally dreamed of. Maybe it’s your stomach that needs flattening, or your arms that need tightening, or maybe it’s your legs that need some tone, or you would like to add some more shape to your bum. Our Afterburn Workouts™ cover all these problem areas and turn your body into a Fat Burning Furnace, that burns calories for up to 36 hours after the class!


You see, when you start moving many of your body’s joints with one movement at a time (which our classes specialize in doing with all the exercises in our classes), you burn more calories and get WAY more bang for your buck. When you exhaust these muscles, it takes them longer to recover, which burns more calories recovering from the workout for the next day or so.

For mind-blowing results, combine these Afterburn Workouts™ with The Complete Nutrition System™. Our results are 100% guaranteed.

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