You qualify for our brand new Complete 90 Day Body & Mindset Matrix Program Case Study Program to drop 2 clothes sizes & 2 Stone in 90 Days.

This program is designed to teach you how to control your mindset for long term, sustainable results, so you never have to diet again.

Hey Damian Hall here… let me introduce myself. I am a fitness professional in South Dublin, Ireland, and I’ve been helping people just like you reach their health and fat loss goals for over 22 years.

Whether you heard about the opportunity to work with me through social media, word of mouth or my website, I’m delighted you made it here and congratulations on reaching out about the 90 Day Body & Mindset Matrix™ program.

You’re obviously wanting to enhance your life through losing up to 2 stone (28 lbs) and 2 clothes sizes in the next 90 days and this is your first step to achieving it.

Helping people just like you achieve results just like these is my number one passion, outside of my family and my own health & well-being. (hint, this is what I will be encouraging you to do also).

Why listen to me? I guess because I’ve stood the test of time and I have helped 1000’s before you reach these results in a simplified, achievable and sustainable way, time and time again.

While talking the talk, I also walk the walk, I’m not one of those fit pros who eats out of tuppaware and is naturally lean and fit. I have to work my butt off to stay in shape, but that gives me an insight that not many other fit pros have to your struggles, desires and needs.

I have a young family, I have real time struggles and can relate to what it’s like embarking on your health and fat loss journey, scary, intimidating and it feels like a massive mountain to climb and sometimes even feels like there is no way back.

I’m here to tell you, there’s always a way back, you just need to be shown the way. I will hold your hand through the process and make it an enjoyable journey, helping you get results quickly so you stay motivated and keep pushing forward.

You’re not interested in a 6 pack, or to be a bikini model, you just want to feel confident naked again, fit back into those clothes sitting in the wardrobe and regain those energy levels and get the mojo back that you have lost along the way right?

I’ve helped 1000’s other do it, now let me help you do it too.

Why I created the 90 Day Body & Mindset Matrix Programme

I created the 90 Day Body & Mindset Matrix™ program to give frustrated people who want to look good naked again, want to jet fuel their energy levels and help give them a clear plan in one program to lose 2 stone, 2 clothes sizes and master their health in just 90 days..

This is for you if you have to start your new diet most Monday mornings after a weekend of eating like a runaway freight train that can’t stop. It’s so frustrating and demoralizing right?

Now with the neuroscience and behavioral change backed mindset work we will do with you, we will help you stop self-sabotage, binging on junk food and wine, and build a new mindset that will help you rid yourself of these issues for good.

I’m on a mission to help as many people move forward as the happiest, healthiest versions of themselves.

So here’s the problem…

There’s tonnes of misleading and complicated information out there that is just not correct in the health and wellness industry.

With that, you probably have some idea of what you need to eat because you’ve tried diets before, you probably have an idea of what exercise you need to do as well right?

The issue is doing it, and consistently doing it.

The key to getting results.

It always comes back to your Mindset

I have covered all the bases to help keep you stay motivated and understand your unique way of processing information through our:

  • 4 Complete Motivation Pillars™ – To connect with your subconscious on the deepest level and figure out what actually motivates you.
  • Complete Personality Profiling™ (CPP) – To help deliver the information to you in a way that suits your personality.

The point of difference is, we cover all the bases to guarantee you success this time, because if you don’t master your mindset, sleep, nutrition and workouts, you will keep failing on your weight loss journey.

Our exciting quadrant from which we work with are the 4 Principles of optimal health:

  • Complete Nutrition System™ – Reduce bloating, inflammation and water retention while skyrocketing your energy levels.
  • Complete Mindset Matrix™ – Learn how to change your mood, keep on track and control your mindset.
  • Complete Afterburn Workouts™ – Burn calories for up to 36 hours after your workout while you are sitting on the couch watching TV.
  • Complete Sleep Formula™ – Master the most underrated part of your health. Sleep underpins every other aspect of your holistic health and wellness.

Will it work for me?

Yes, because if you commit to the process, I won’t let you fail.

All I need is for you to be ready to work hard, implement and give it your all.

I’ll be there the whole step of the way, keeping you accountable, supporting you, encouraging you and helping you reach the goals we set out for you at the start.

What we will be covering



Mastery on:

  • Complete Nutrition System™
  • Complete Mindset Matrix™
  • Complete Afterburn Workouts™
  • Complete Sleep Formula™

Where you are now / What you want to achieve from the program.


  • Sharing Wins
  • Review Direction
  • Learn Your Story
  • Imagine The Outcome

– Name Your Negative Ego
– Self-Sabotage
– Choose Your Inspiration Statement


  • Are my actions in alignment with my values and visions. Questions to ask


  • Record affirmations – Morning/Evening


  • Complete Personality Profiling – Emotional / Will power / Perceptive Based


  • Why you Neglect yourselves.




  • Q n A Counting calories.

WEEK 9 – Q&A

  • Free Up time Action list – Delete / Prioritise / Delegate / Automate.


  • Building Habits


  • Environment/Relationships/Money


  • What happens next – How far you’ve come / where you were

Just a few of our success stories who committed, revamped their mind and body and reaped the rewards.

It’s important to understand, you are a product of your selflessness in terms of putting your family or work in front of your own health and wellness.

Now it’s time to be selfish and put yourself first.

Invest in you…and guess who will benefit?


It’s time to let me help show you the path that is hard to find by yourself. I have created a brand new path that many have now followed to help you finally find the way forward for you to reach those goals that seem out of reach at the moment.

What You get

  • Completely Online Group Work
  • Group Onboarding – Get Complete Clarity on Nutrition / Mindset / Exercise requirements
  • How to track those pesky calories easily
  • Weekly Group Mindset Matrix coaching calls with Damian
  • Nutrition Seminar Recording – providing education for optimal health / reduce inflammation, giving you the When, What, How much to eat
  • Unlimited access to our Live/Recorded online Afterburn™ Workouts x 4 times per week
  • Complete Personal Training Facebook group – Support, Mindset exercises and daily accountability

Step 1: Evaluation – understanding where you are starting from and the specific guidance needed to work towards your goals

Step 2: Goal setting: understanding not only what you want to achieve in your initial 90 Days but also longer term to really start that mindset adjustment from day 1.

Step 3: Mindset – We are big believers in creating change through mindset adjustment, this happens through breaking limiting beliefs and creating daily process. We will guide you through this process for maximal success.

Step 4: Nutrition – once we have opened the door to a new you from a mindset perspective we need to make adjustments to nutrition to deliver the physical result, we will provide you with the education needed to provide optimal health and reduce inflammation giving you an abundance of energy and a new lease of life.

Step 5: Online workouts

  • our on demand library 100 hours of workouts on top of that we will map out a bespoke program to target all of the areas you want to improve.

Step 6: Group support mindset / motivation and peer support through our community.

Step 7: Micro adjustment and support – if you need anything from us at any point we are here to help move you forward, whilst also reviewing your progress and making suggestions and amendments as needed.

Are you willing to invest €166 per week or €23 per day to feel amazing and sky rocket your confidence again?

Just imagine walking down the beach again in your favourite swim suit or walking into that party again turning heads…

Week on week, watch your tummy tighten, your arms tone and your bum lift.

Make no mistake…this is the only program out there like this.

Why Is It So Affordable?

As I’ve mentioned, you have probably tried other things to lose weight and get fit and toned, but have fallen off the wagon more times than you care to remember.

……and spent quite a bit along the way right?

But the 90 Day Body & Mindset Matrix™ program is different, something you won’t have come across before.


Because I have created it, no one else has put in the hours of study or uses the Neuro science and human behaviour information in a fitness and fat loss program or context.

I’m making it affordable so that more people like you, who have tried weight watchers and other programs, can benefit.

I believe in over delivering, so the value I will offer and the return you get, will be 10 x your investment.

My ultimate goal is to give you such a return on your investment in terms of results and mindset shifts, that you will agree, like many others, it was the best money you will have ever spent on yourself.

Afterall, there is no better thing to invest in than yourself right?

This program is for you if –

  • Want to change but just need a kickstart
  • Used to be fit but have got a little lost along the way
  • Have hit a wall and can’t seem to get motivated
  • Have a full wardrobe of clothes that don’t fit anymore
  • Feel like confidence is at an all time low and you need help
  • Ready to take big action
  • Ready to invest in you

This program ain’t for you –

  • If you aren’t coachable and don’t listen
  • If you don’t work well in a team environment
  • If you think you know better
  • If you aren’t willing to invest time, money & effort into YOU
  • If you aren’t ready to go all in to make long term changes
  • I promise if you commit to this, it will help change your life like it has many others.

How Can You Claim One of the final spots?

If you’ve read everything above and feel this IS the program for you, reply back with

“I’M IN.”

We only have 5 places left for this intake of successful applicants before the price goes up.

I look forward to us working together and to get you started.

If you’re thinking,

Can I put time to this?

Is this a good time to start?

Maybe I should wait a few months until I have more free time.

Those thoughts are perfectly normal, that’s just your negative ego wanting you to stay the same (it doesn’t like change). We’ll help you with that negative talk too.

Life will continue to throw curve balls at you and there will never be a perfect time to start.

Take the first step today, I will do my utmost to make it a success for you.

That’s all for now!

Pumped to help you start building that success mindset & tightened and toned body, you’ve always dreamed of.

Much love, Damian

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