About Me

Hey, My name is Damian Hall and I have been running Complete Personal Training in the heart of Dalkey, South Dublin for over 25years.

What we do

Complete Personal Training & Complete Transformation Retreats is primarily a private personal training and results-driven company that focuses on mindset, fitness, nutrition, and luxury foreign retreats. We want to help you, and that starts with working on your mindset. We motivate people just like you, who may be stuck in a rut or have lost motivation, through neuroscience-based and behavioral change, science-backed advice, education, and support to ensure you get guaranteed results fast.

As your holistic health is our priority, we give you clear direction and support you through the process, wrapping our team around you and holding your hand through the tough times. The programs we offer provide accountability and support within a close-knit fitness family environment to help you get started, regardless of your fitness level, without the intimidation of a standard gym.

The three main aspects we focus on include:

  • Complete Nutrition System™: Helps reduce inflammation, bloating, and water retention while tightening loose skin and skyrocketing your fat loss results.
  • Complete Afterburn Workouts™: Builds lean athletic muscle and torches body fat while cranking up your metabolism like a fat-burning furnace for up to 36 hours after your workout.
  • Complete Mindset Matrix™: Stops self-sabotage, prevents the negative voice in your head from taking over, avoids self-doubt, and gives you your mojo back. This is a game changer in the industry.

We train busy professionals, celebrities, burnt-out parents, athletes, and the younger generation who need guidance and coping mechanisms and may have lost their way. This will really change your life

Life Coaching Modules

The Complete Nutrition System™
Learn our unique anti-inflammatory eating plan that aims for long-term optimal health and nourishes your body to perform as the best version of you.

The Complete Morning Rituals™
Start the day free of stress and anxiety and be fully bulletproof.

The Complete Goal Focus™
Add complete direction to your life with a different spin.

The Complete Stress Solution™
Identify and deal with stress the right way.

The Complete Life Work Balance™
Learn how to live a more fulfilled and balanced life.

The Complete Mindset Matrix™
Learn how the mind works and how our 4 pillars can help transform your mindset, from bogged down and frustrated to free and happy.

The Complete Sleep Formula™
Sleep underpins how you perform during the day. Learn how to sleep more deeply to supercharge your energy levels.

Our Why
My team and I just love helping people like you get your mojo back and become the happiest, healthiest version of yourself.

Yours in Fitness,
Damian Hall

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