I LOVE what I do, really I do.

One thing that I DO NOT LOVE is peeps who know nothing about CPT but think it’s too expensive.

Let me explain why this gets on my nerves!


1)  Stuff means nothing when it’s all over!

You do know you’re going to die, right?  Why hoard money then? Why dream of getting rich and flashing the cash?

Because you can rent a sports car for a day and it’s a hell of a lot cheaper.

But you can’t claw back years of your life spent ‘dreaming’ and holding yourself back from enjoyment.

Stop dreaming and start living.

Find new experiences that will improve your quality of life. For example:

  1. Hiring a sportscar
  2. Fnding a mansion on airbnb you can rent for a few days with your friends
  3. Getting a discount deal on a Michelin Star restaurant.

These things are relatively cheap, yet give the same experience as being rich.

Honestly, I’m terrified that I could spend my whole life dreaming of retiring on my yacht… only to be like the classic 80s cop movie guy, and die the day before retirement.

If you want a great looking body, you only have a finite amount of time to realise that.

Soon you will be dust.

Start living!!!



People who tell me that CPT is too expensive aren’t seeing the world as it truly is.

I saw a great Facebook post about an ‘expensive’ sports car, reposted below:

“A guy looked at the Corvette the other day and said I wonder how many people could have been fed for the cost of that car.  I replied I am not sure, it fed a lot of families in Kentucky who built it, it fed the people who make the tyres, it fed the people who made the components, it fed the people in the copper mine who mined the copper for the wires, it fed people who make the trucks that haul the copper ore.”

That’s the difference between capitalism and welfare mentality.

When you buy something, you put money in people’s pockets and give them dignity for their skills”

Make sense?

So the next time you go to your local coffee shop and wonder how the hell they can charge €3.50 for a coffee, instead of getting outraged – why don’t you look at:

  • The quiet, friendly place they’ve built for you to drink your coffee
  • The comfortable, warm seats for you and your friend/family to relax on
  • The 3 or 4 staff that are PAID to make that coffee how you like it (you are basically paying €3.50 to be their boss!
  • The memories of a great conversation, or business meeting, or a great book that you read whilst you were there

But I see most people being selfish little maggots.

‘4 fucking quid for a coffee?!’

Expand your horizons.  Look at the world for all the amazing things that are in it.

Chances are you’re currently getting HUGE value from a million things in life – but YOU ARE NOT APPRECIATING them.

Start appreciating the extra, little, valuable things that come for free when you buy stuff.  Life gets better when you do that.



Related to the above concept of appreciating value, you can use money to get more out of life.  In fact, that’s what money is for.

A trade of equivalent value.

I have a cow, you want the cow – so you give me money for an equal value.  I can then go make a deal with Sean (not Paul, too expensive) to buy two horses.

Money multiplies opportunity.  I know for a fact you get this idea of investment.  But when it comes to fitness, you forget about investment and instead ask “what’s in it for me right now?”

Well, nothing.

Because you’re making an investment.  Investments are not cash machines!  They are things that SLOWLY improve in value over time, like a nice house, a fine painting or sensible stock picks.

If you were lying on your deathbed from diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke or any other dietary related disease…

And I popped up with a magic wand “I can wave my magic wand to make you healthy again and give you 10-20 more years”

You would beg me to wave my wand all over the place…

So yes, this is an exaggerated example just to be funny.

But a healthy diet is an investment, NOT A GET RICH QUICK SCHEME.  You are investing in insurance against diabetes!

A strength and muscle building program is an investment:

You are investing in a strong, mobile body when you are 60 years old+!

A great program includes mobility and flexibility work:

Which is an investment against back pain, joint pain etc. now – and reduces risk of arthritis in the future.


Suddenly 50 quid a week to have an expert coach and nutritionist doesn’t seem so expensive, does it?

Stop seeing money spent as money that disappears.

Stop looking for “get rich quick” schemes, instead look for steady investments.

With the right buying decision, you’ll get a priceless return on your investment.  Then, 2 years of paying me €97 or even €197 per month is cheap IF it means you get to live the rest of your life healthy, strong, mobile and happy.

Most people spend €45 per month on a gym membership they don’t use, for 3-5 years (€1620- €2700 wasted).

That’s what makes something expensive, not the fact that it’s only €45 per month.  But that it’s €45 per month FOR NO RETURN.

So the inflated price way above the actual value of the product.  When you get LESS value than the price you paid for it.

THAT IS WHAT EXPENSIVE REALLY MEANS.  (we can simply call this ‘a waste of money’)


4) Embrace the Culture and Fit Family

The gym can suck when you’re doing your class, your head sweating, your legs are burning, gasping for breath, but do you know what?

It’s teaching you some lifelong lessons of:

  • Not to give up
  • Work ethic
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Good Habits
  • Mental Strength

Lessons you are not gonna learn anywhere else for €25-€50 per week (While getting unbelievable results and feel good factor.)

All this is made possible through the culture we have built and the community of like-minded people who enjoy each other’s company and miss it and are missed when they don’t go to class!

But the mind grows.

Also consider that airy word: SUCCESS

It means different things to different people.  But the process of achievement is the same:

  • Write your goal down on paper
  • Get up every day and work on your goal
  • Use accountable from others and work with a team
  • When you hit your goal, celebrate, then write a bigger goal

^^ this is how we run the gym. Set fitness goals.

Commit to daily work on your diet, 3-4 workouts per week etc.

This is the norm in fitness!  But when it comes to your relationship….

Bet you don’t have a written goal do you?  Let alone putting in daily hustle to improve your relationship.

Or your career…

What’s your written goal?

Who celebrates your goal with you then inspires you to write a bigger goal for your career?

PROBABLY NOBODY if you’re in a box gym

Which means you’re gliding through life without direction or purpose.

Doesn’t that scare you?

It should.

The principles we learn in CPT transcend CPT itself.  It’s practice for life.

What does the following make you think of?

You wake up trying to overcome challenges. You want to achieve goals. You turn up thinking things are going to be easy then gutted when you find out this is hard.  You discover you are weak, and everyone around you seems to be making it look easy.

Sounds like life to me.

Let me shut this rant down:

The most we currently charge at CPT for our most popular programs is €197 per month…

The least €97 per month.

Do you see this as too expensive?

Well that tells you more about your mindset than our price.  Do you want to live now, or wait to die?

Do you want to value the wrong things ie the material things, or somebody who appreciates the awesome things in life for free?

Do you want to waste/hoard money, or invest in the bigger picture and the priceless returns?

Do you want to give up when life gets tough, or toughen up for the harsh realities of life using the CPT family for support?

The world we live in requires that I charge for my services.  I see it as my DUTY to give back a value 10 times the price of the product.

AKA – it is a great investment for you.

Finally, I see people waste €100 every weekend on eating shit and drinking 20 pints. Stop it and you have the price of the program there.

You do not get another go around in life.

Start living.



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