By now, you may have noticed, that as a health and fitness professional, I am NOT a fan of Weight Watchers or Slimming  World.  It’s INSANE the amount of people who get sucked into the unethical money making scam!

Yes I said Unethical money making scam….

Have you ever been part of weight watchers or slimming world?  If so,

  • Did you lose and keep the weight off?
  • Was it sustainable?
  • Did you learn what is healthy to put into your body?
  • Did you learn the effects certain foods have on your body, positively or negatively?
  • How much money did you spend on bars, meals etc. thinking they were healthy?

Firstly let me just state, I am all for people getting support from others in a group to help reach their goals, in fact, we do this during our 8 Week Transformations and it works wonders.  I am all for lovely people losing some weight, but not in the manner in which the non-qualified hosts of these organisations offer poor advice on nutrition strategies that are not sustainable, not to mention offering even poorer recommendation of non-nutrient dense food i.e. the bars, readymade meals, pastas etc. that are causing FAR MORE harm than good.

What really made my blood boil when I went into one of these establishments to investigate, I was told…

‘We Don’t Encourage Exercise’

Yes…this was actually said to me when questioned (by yours truly) about their programme.

WHATTTT???? I nearly laughed out loud. Right then and there gave me all the info I needed to know that these programmes are NOT the answer!

Sooo…moving on, The first thing I get all my clients to do is take Wheat, Gluten and Sugar out of their diet.

Why you ask??

Well…Sugar raises blood sugar, which needs insulin to be released by the Pancreas, which prevents fat loss, inflames your gut and makes you crave more sugar (the root of diabetes and obesity in the world not fat). Wheat and Gluten inflame the gut, bloat you out and make you retain water, not to mention gives you brain fog and can cause leaky gut (undigested foods leak through damaged gut lining into the blood stream).

Scary huh??

Did you know that two of the most common ingredients in weight watchers ‘approved’ meals are – Wheat and Sugar.

In fact, I have a question…..

How many spoons of sugar in Lemon and ginger weight watchers bars…?

ANS: 7.5 spoons i.e. 31g (A can of Coke has 8 ie 39g)

I know, CRAZY isn’t it…

If you would like to learn all about nutrition in a positive environment, with like minded people, with the accountability, support and proven system that works EVERY time apply for one of our last places on my 8 Week Transformation!

I have put together my ‘Complete Nutrition System™’ that compliments the 8 weeks of training in my Bootcamp classes and Personal Training Sessions perfectly.

Make no mistake these combined, will help to change your eating and training habits for good!

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