Ever get disappointed when you have been eating well, working out and not losing weight?

Yeah it can be frustrating…

I’ve been there, bought the T-shirt and I let it get me down.

Having done a lot of research on the subject of how the body reacts to things it has given me a deeper understanding as to why things happen.

The biggest thing I have learned in my 17 years in the industry is that people want results and they want them NOW.

Unfortunately it doesn’t always work like this.

What we have to understand, and to manage expectations that we are not all the same and have put our bodies through different stresses and traumas over the years than can have a massive affect onL

  • Our RMR (Resting Metaboic Rate)
  • How quickly/slowly we drop fat and keep it off
  • Hormonal regulation
  • Gut disfunction


By stresses I mean restrictive diets, incorrect training modalities, under recovering, over training, eating inflammatory foods and the list goes on.

You see all these things have an effect on your metaboic rate ie how fast the body regenerates and burns calories, how healthy your gut is and how efficient it is at digesting nutrients. Everybody has a different RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) that will contribute to your body fat percentage and how your body deals with calories from eating them to digesting them.

How do we increase our RMR and fix our disfunctional gut in simple terms?

  • Eat more protein
  • Eat more natural one ingredient foods that are harder to digest (the more processed the food the more work has been done for you.
  • Add lean muscle to our frames
  • Take a high quality probiotic
  • Take out inflammatory foods (foods you maybe intolerent to or trans fats for a start)

When we reach a plateau on our fatloss journey it can be from a number of factors, but we also have to understand our body is a highly complex organsim that does things for a reason, for example- when you reduce your calorie intake, it will slow down your metabolic rate to save energy.

Pretty crazy right?

That’s why the over simplified answer given by most Personal Trainers out there to “Eat less and move more” can often be the worst thing to do.

Once we have addressed our Metabolic rate, we need to make sure we haven’t ignored any foods we are eating that are causing inflammation. This term is used to describe the effect certain foods have on our digetive system that cause us to hold onto water and have that bloating feeling. This can damage the gut wall causing undigested foods to escape into the blood stream causing more inflammation.

This is why in your first week of our programmes you can drop any where from 5Ibs-10Ibs in weight through ridding your body of inflammation by taking out the foods that are causing it.

There are a few culprits that always come up that we take out immediately. I discussed this more in my live Q and A in my free group “All Things Healthy With Damian” earlier this evening. (I have posted the recording in the group in case you missed it).

It’s coming up to party season when we will be attending numerous social occasions and it’s important to go into the “Silly season” with a plan and a goal.

We are running our last transformation before christmas starting next Monday in Bray and Wednesday Bootcamp locations.

If you’d like to be considered for one of our programmes you can apply here.

The reason we have it application only is because we only work with committed people ready to work hard, learn, implement and change long term. Not everyone is ready for change nor ready to work hard for it.

We have a few spaces left for each location. Apply here to hit the ground running come silly season 

Catch you in the group later!

Yours in fitness



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