Dads Out There…I’m one of you. It’s tough right?

With a huge amount of respect to mums and the amazing job they do, this is my take on a dad ’s role and our outlook with a semi humorous undertone.


I just wanna give a shout out to all the dads out there who quite often fly under the radar when it comes to being recognised for the great job they do.

My wife Caroline and I have two babies, Sienna 2 ½ and Harrison 8 months old.

Your love definitely grows for them every day (along with the responsibility of keeping them alive)

I often wonder how single parents do it.  Caroline and I have a strong marriage and two amazing nuggets who are pretty easy going, but they still offer a new set of challenges every day.

I often used to wonder why I saw so many overweight dads out there.

I now realise that being a dad means your time is even more valuable, limited and you are often extremely time poor.  It is also because …… because it’s hard being a parent, very hard.

As much as it is rewarding, it poses new challenges that we face as parents, each and every day.

I see the stressed, sleep deprived dads, doing their best to carry out every day activities, bags under the eyes that tell their own tale, pretty much in autopilot in a zombie like state.

Not easy.

Working full time, daddying (yes I made that word up) part time, and either side of that getting some broken sleep.

Rinse and repeat and that’s pretty much your week for the first couple of years.

It's tough being a Dad

Hanging out with my 1st nugget

Inside the head of a dad for a typical Weekend

Friday is here, woohoo. Looking forward to getting home to the family and maybe enjoying a quick workout or a beer whichever I have time for.

Sometimes neither because of bath, story and bed time.

But all the same, the weekend is here ahhhhh a break from work.

Sat morning, great, can’t wait to watch the rugby.


Kids need occupying and need to be out and about.  Off to the park or the cinema.

Home from said activity, Nap time comes, then feeding time at the zoo, then its kids bath and bed time.  Really, they’ll sleep again, oh to swap places.

Sit down to watch a movie on the couch, your wife wakes you up 10 minutes after it starts, it’s bed time so?

Up a couple of times in the night between nightmares and feeds.  A few choice words under your breath dragging your semi-conscious carcass out of the bed to address the toilet/food/nightmare issue.

Sunday morning comes along, looking forward to this 5.45am start (said no parent ever).

Off out to the in laws for Sunday dinner, ahhhh a break with Grandad and Granny taking over for an hour or two.  Mini snooze on the couch in the living room of the in laws.

Off home,

Feeding time, Kids Bed time, 30 minutes TV then bed / Weekly planning

Hellooooo Monday!

Wow that was quick. Back to the grind, when’s our next holiday again?

Does this resonate?

Trust me I know how you feel.

I often ask dads with older kids, does it get easier?

The reply – No, not really, you just get faced with a different set of problems.


So, having talked to a lot of dads, I have put together a program that is designed to help dads overcome their challenges and make sure they look after themselves helping them become the best version of dad they can be.

The FIT DAD Program Is BORN!

It is designed to help dads get back to exercise at their own level, while creating a fun environment to allow them enjoy some fun and training with friends instead of being miserable in a gym staring at a grey wall.

Time is prescious.

But slowly but surely, little by little we will endeavour to re rail your health and get you back on the health train

  • 45 minute sessions twice a week for 4 weeks.
  • 1 hour long Nutrition seminar to dispel all the nutrition myths out there
  • 4 Weeks of nutrition coaching, support and accountability

If at the end of the program, all you have done is get back into a routine of exercise and healthy eating isn’t that worth a try?

Let’s get you back on the right track

Apply here to learn more:

Dalkey Fit Pro

South Dublin






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