Enjoy my top tips for fitness and fatloss and getting into shape, for the new year!

  • Eat more Green Veg. Try just adding an extra portion to each meal and so it makes up half your plate
  • Move more i.e. Get over 10,000 steps a day. Walk the dog further (and faster) Take the stairs, walk to the dart station, get off a bus stop early the usual tips etc.
  • Get a training partner or group to stay accountable.
  • Be consistent. There is no point in eating healthily for two weeks or even four weeks if it’s not sustainable. Finding what works and making long term changes is way more important than a short term ‘Magic fix’.
  • Do what you enjoy. Ever realised it’s not a chore when you enjoy it? What is it that you enjoy? Think about it… then do it.
  • Drink more water. The single most important thing we put into our body for optimal health.
  • Train with resistance i.e. Lift weights or your body weight to boost metabolism, also to help you carry out every day movements more efficiently and of course, to help burn fat.
  • Cut out the crap food. No need to elaborate.
  • Prepare your food so it’s at hand when you are hungry. Ever gone shopping hungry?
  • Work Freaking hard. Getting in shape doesn’t happen by cutting corners.

Small changes really make a BIG difference.

Please feel free to jump into my Free Facebook Community ‘All Things Healthy With Damian’ for daily tips, recipes and accountability to help get you in the best shape of your life in a group of like minded people.


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