My top 5 tips to stick with a healthy eating and exercise plan now the kids are back to school


I’m too busy to exercise…

Sound familiar?

Even when the kids get back to school you can often fill that gap in your day that you should really use for yourself with something else, for someone else (spouse, family, child etc.).

It’s always important to remember that your situation is NOT unique.

I can guarantee there are plenty of other people in the same boat, who are time poor.

It’s also important to note that there are people in far tougher predicaments than you and still manage to invest time and money in their health, fitness and over all wellbeing.

And yes, it is an investment.

After all, if you can’t find time for looking after yourself and your health now, you will soon have to find time for sickness later down the track…

That is for sure.

  • If a single parent can find time, you can.
  • If the president of the US can do it with his schedule, you can.
  • If a person with no family or support network can, you can.
  • If a Successful business man running several businesses and has four kids can, you can.
  • If a mum looking after their sick dad, working two jobs with three kids can, you can.
  • If a world famous singer who tours for 30 weeks of the year can, you can.
  • If a TV personality who works 12 hour days can, you can.

These are real clients of mine who smash through excuses and get things done through my life coaching (Ok the us president isn’t of course but you get the drift?)

So when the kids get back to school, it can usually give you a little more normality back in your life with some more structure and hopefully a little more time for you also.

This is important as you can often neglect that ‘YOU’ time that we all deserve.

You should really try and find this time EVERY DAY, whether it be a fitness class, a coffee with friends, a hobby you enjoy, it’s MASSIVELY important for your well being physically and mentally and over all wellbeing (there’s that phrase again)

My top 5 tips to stick with a healthy eating and exercise plan now the kids are back to school!


1. Find some exercise that you enjoy.

That doesn’t mean stay in your comfort zone. Try new things, you never know what you enjoy until you try it!


2. Buddy Up

Arrange to meet with a friend and go exercise together. You wouldn’t let your friend down now would you?


3. Stick with it for at least three weeks

It takes this time to change habits. You mightn’t enjoy it at first but once you start seeing results, I’ll let you in on a little secret…… you’ll start enjoying it more !


4. Food prep

Get organised and prep your food, it not only saves you time but money also. My members food prep on Sunday and Wednesday, to break up and cover the week. What happens when you are hungry in a restaurant, supermarket or even at home? BAD THINGS HAPPEN with your eating plan, right? Don’t let yourself get into that vulnerable state and have healthy options at hand.


5. Commit to the fricking thing and be selfish

Jump head first in and commit to it. Results come with committing to something and following through with it IN ITS ENTIRETY. There ain’t no magic pill, potion or plan that’ll do the work for you.


If you’d like more help with fatloss and nutrition, feel free to join our facebook group for lots more help advice and support by clicking here:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/CompletePTDamianFreeGroup/


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