The Squatmatic … 


The only bit of fitness equipment you could ever need to get that bum of your dreams

Fad training equipment

                         The Squatmatic


With the titanium hydraulics supporting the weakest point of your range of motion and the sprung action response design helping give you a smooth full lower body workout experience, giving you the instant bum of your dreams within 2 hours of use or less. 

Oh yes, and it will strip body fat and give you the body of dreams similar to Brandy and Candy in the picture, within a week of just 30 seconds a day, provided you follow our 50 calorie a day meal plan of a piece of lettuce and one cashew nut that is. 

Sounds too good to be true? 

It is.  

I hope nobody googled it and went to buy one, because I really have seen it all now. 


Obviously, I made the whole sales pitch up, but this is the type of thing that’s doing the rounds on the infommercials in the states especially.  

Preying on people’s emotions and promising false claims of instant fatloss and the body of your dreams in return for “just 3 payments of $99”. 

And yes, I have bought more than one of these things in the past when I was younger, thinking it was the answer. 

You see, as humans, we always look for the easier route to our desired destination (naturally). 

That is why the harder road is always less travelled. 






I have also learned over the years that there’s nothing worth having that doesn’t involve nurturing and working hard on. 

There is of course easier and more efficient ways of fatloss than others. This is a given. 

Some people haven’t discovered it yet, a lot of fitpros included. 

You see, we have put together the secret formula that just works and provides our clients with the key ingredients to succeed… 


A combination of Mindset changes, Nutritional Protocols, Gut health, Metabolic health, Accountability, Clear direction, Support and of course Specific Workouts that manipulate the body into losing fat and aiming to reach optimal health as a bye product. 

Sounds complicated, but the beauty of our “way” is that we simplify it in YOUR language to make the process as easy as possible so there is a less “Hard road” to follow… 

Just fast, tangeable results that sky rockets motivation, engrains positive habits and reinforces them over an 8 week period. 

Leaving you with the knowledge and the tools to sustain results and implement, long term within your lifestyle! 

We have an 8 week transformation starting next week and we have three spaces left.

If you would like me to wrap my team around you and give you all the help, support and direction you’ll ever need, just fill out the form at the link and we will get back to you as a priority  

Until then, live life, enjoy it, and drive it in the direction you want to. No one else will take it there 


Yours in fitness 




Ps Here it is again, there’s no perfect time to take action, or to get started. 

Dalkey Fitpro 

South Dublin 


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