Skinny Fat


“ I want to be skinny ”

Do you really mean it or is it a term you use amongst friends as a throw away term?

The visual of Golem from Lord of the rings comes into my head when I hear this from mainly females embarking on their “weight loss” journey.

If you wanna be skinny , I can’t help you.

I nearly always get a funny look as if to say, “but that’s what you are known for”?


No, I’m afraid it’s not.

Sounds counter intuitive coming from a fitpro specialising in transforming bodies and minds from over weight to happy.

But the reality is, I have no interest in being associated with calorie restricted diets, starving yourself and being massively malnourished to get results.

My goal?

To run an ethical business that prides itself on helping people reach optimal health through science based and anecdotal training and nutrition methodologies.

Helping people balance and juggle busy lifestyles in chronically over stressed states and showing them a way to manage it all on a journey to become the real version of them i.e. the best version


Wouldn’t you rather be Jennifer Aniston in Friends in the latter years?

(Yes that’s what I specialise in)

I know if you asked 10 males what they’d prefer.

Irrelevant, maybe so.

The point is, having lean muscle on your body not only looks great aesthetically, but also provides several other benefits to us including, reducing the chance of osteoporosis, helping us carry out day to day activities more efficiently i.e. having functional strength.

It helps you stand taller and stops things like your bingo wings and your love handles “wobbling” provided you have dialled down your nutrition and reduced your body fat.

It helps reduce joint pain, back pain and often niggly aches and pains.

It helps empower you when it comes to not needing to ask for help when you need to move heavy things. (We all need to from time to time.)

Now I’m not talking about shifting massively heavy weights as most people structurally can’t handle it to start off with.

At CPT we start off with bodyweight resistance and progress to more resistance once we have created a good base from which to work from.

Education on nutrition to build muscle and lose fat is something that is also overlooked when it comes to starting a plan.

It’s not as simple as “eat this” and it happens with a generic plan handed out by a weekend warrior (my new name for all these newly qualified pt’s out there who have qualified over the weekend.)

We go in depth with nutrition seminars for new clients to give them in depth but simply put information, to help people understand the whats, whys and hows when it comes to nutrition and training.

Let’s be honest, it can be confusing with all the conflicting info out there.

The main thing to consider when you are embarking on your health and fitness journey is this…

Do your homework on where you go and who you start with. If it’s the cheapest, you’ll get the cheapest.

One of my favourite sayings goes like this:

“The bitterness of poor quality and service remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten” – Anon 

Apply for a free Tranformation session here to see if you are a good fit to join our community.


Yours in fitness


Dalkey Fitpro

South Dublin



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