The silly season is swiftly approaching, the season where amazing memories are created and magic times to savour with friends and family are treasured!

It’s also a time where over indulgence can take over and cause bad things to happen to your waist line and to your health and fitness progress and goals!

Christmas weight gain FACT!

Did you know that the average Irish person puts on 7-9Ibs over the upcoming party season!

Sound right to you?

It can be a horrible feeling in January when things jiggle that shouldn’t jiggle and you are starting to let things get you down again as self-confidence drops and self-consciousness rises.

The last thing you want is to be the one who downs tools and stops training on Dec 1st because you have “So much to organise for Christmas”.

Let’s remember, it’s three days max of celebrations and not 4 weeks. This can be a common Irish “thing”.

Don’t be that person!

Essentially it’s an excuse at the end of the day, and one that will potentially send you on a downward spiral for days or even weeks foodwise!

In fact, the last thing you should do is ditch your training over the silly season,


Here’s why, in my top 5 Reasons to keep training over Christmas!

  • It will help keep your metabolism stoked over Christmas to burn extra calories and prevent extra weight gain.
  • It will make January a far more positive month because you will have waaayyy less ground to make up (and Christmas fat to shift)
  • Statistics show, it’s mid/end of January before people get back out of “holiday mode” and dust themselves down and get back to it. That would make it 6 weeks not training. We all know how far back you can go in that time
  • Because it makes you feel and look amazing and we all want to feel and look amazing going to our festive parties, slipping easily into our Christmas outfits.
  • It will be difficult to get memberships with Complete Personal Training in January as we will be limiting spaces and appointments to keep the quality of the Semi private sessions and Bootcamp classes up, to make sure you continue getting amazing results.
  • How would it feel not to be sluggish, downbeat and starting all over AGAIN come January or even February which often happens
  • It’s vital for your mental and physical health. It’s one thing over indulging as a youngster, but as we all get older it is no longer just an aesthetic thing. It lifts our moods and will help prevent blood lipids, control blood sugar and keep body fat down around the mid section and organs (visceral fat, the most dangerous fat) under control.


Don’t be that statistic and ramp it up for the silly season while enjoying all the festivities that goes with it!

I am opening up 5 spaces for my special promotion starting in December for non CPT members!

Train FREE OF CHARGE in Dec. Get a head start on the rest on your nutrition and training!

I’ll be opening this up next week, stay tuned.

If you’d like to be considered, email us at info@completepersonaltraining.ie

  • There are 5 places ONLY!
  • There are also some terms and conditions. (but not many😃)


Yours in Fitness


Damian Hall

Dalkey Fitpro


South Dublin


Check out my facebook group for All Things Healthy With Damian

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