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Retreat Life

So, what is a retreat and what the hell do we do for a week away in a luxury villa together? Well for most people, it may sound like a big brother type scenario, where complete strangers are thrown together for the week.

Within a few hours of our team building strategies they form a fond familiarity and by the end of the 7 days we have created a platform for them to have formed a lifelong bond that will never be broken.


Because we take them through such a range of life coaching and coping strategies, where they are truly thought provoked and we rummage around in their minds, to see what their road blocks are and how they quite often are in their own way with regards them reaching their ultimate goals in life.

How do we achieve this? We create an environment where they work as a team throughout the week, they laugh together, they cry together, they help each other, they support each other and they relax together.

It’s amazing when you experience these emotions together, how it brings you together and gives you that togetherness that you will have forever. When you meet in the future, you will just have that nod of acknowledgement of having been through such an experience and what they achieved together.

Honestly, I have never see such profound changes in people in a week. I can tell you it makes me soooooo proud of what I have achieved personally to be able to evoke this change through facilitating the platform. Sometimes people just need a little structure, support, guidance and the right environment to find their right path in their lives.

This past week has been a truly special experience, where we have had at least 4 of the guests express their feelings of gratitude for a life changing or aha moment where something has just clicked with them, whether it be physical, mental or both.


Physical results from our 7 guests in 6 days

Total inches lost between 7 guests (Tummy/Hips) in 6 days

17 inches on Tummies

6.5 inches on hips


Total Weight Loss between all 7 guests in 6 days

17.7kg / 38.9Ibs  / 3stone


Mental Results from our 7 guests in 6 days



A typical day on retreat.

Our days have a perfect mix of activities, relaxation, education and break throughs.

I wake up naturally at 5.30am, drink a pint of water to start the day hydrated. It’s pitch dark outside, the rest of the villa is asleep.

I get up, walk down stairs and crank up the coffee machine in prep for my pre workout coffee with coconut oil.

In reality, it’s my only time to get my training in while the guests are still asleep. Working out in the dark and on your lonesome is difficult, but needs must. This place has a special feeling to it that just motivates you.

I generally participate in as much as I can in other classes during the week, but I’m there to serve the guests and put all my energy into maximising their experience, whether it be generating high energy Bootcamp and Core classes or delivering high level life coaching modules after dinner.

Work out done. Time for a quick email check and check in on my members Facebook groups (there are 5 of them) to see if I can help anyone or if there are any questions.

When it hits 7am, our guests start to stir. They implement their morning rituals strategies from the night before, to start the day in the right way.

Retreat Life Yoga

Morning Yoga

Yoga class at 7.30am on the astro turf, gentle relaxing muscle playing, enclosed by flowers and neatly trimmed bushes, there’s a small bit of light peeping through, it’s balmy outside.

Having finished our yoga class with relaxation and breathing techniques, we head over to pool side to eat our two course breakfast cooked and prepped by our maitre de Marguerite.

Our guests have about 30 minutes to get ready before we whisk them off to kayaking this morning for a couple of hours around the papagayo beach. We kayak over to a beautiful golden sandy beach where we snorkel, relax and swim and kayak into some caves checking out the local octopus.

Retreat Life Kayak



We head back to the villa where lunch is served. The afternoon is their own.

For those who have booked a massage, they enjoy a full body massage out on one of the villas many balconies. The deep tissue work is done by our masseuse Jim Radcliffe, who is a master at his craft.

Just when the heat goes out of the sun around 6pm, we round up the troops from their hammocks, jacuzzi, pool and various other nooks they’ve found on the villa grounds for their evening Bootcamp class. We have several guests on the retreat with reduced mobility, so the challenge is pushing the fitter guests and creating a workout that the others can do. Managing the two is tough but rewarding.

30 minutes to dinner, just enough time for a quick dip in the pool or jacuzzi to help warm down and recover.

A three course dinner is served for the guests, while they bond and share stories of their day.

3 course dinner

Dinner is Served

The dynamic of the group is crucially important for the retreat to work. We are extremely diligent in this before we accept potential retreaters on board.

After dinner, we take a coffee upstairs and work through some life coaching modules, including stress management, nutrition and mindset coping strategies.  These are truly life changing and give our guests massive clarity on their current road blocks and how to get out of their own way to achieve what they want in their lives.

After our March retreat, two of our guests changed jobs as they were the main stressors on their lives. Another had behavioural problems with their children and, as a result of the stress management modules, they got proper diagnoses which gave them clear direction on arming them with their coping strategies.

The guests generally just hang out after our module and chat and enjoy each other’s company for an hour or two after.

While I’m off to bed early for a restful sleep in preparation for what’s in store tomorrow. Reflecting on our day and what we have achieved together sends me off to sleep with a satisfaction and peace that reinforces why I love doing what I do.

A day in the life of our retreaters

Our next Complete Transformation Retreat to Lanzarote is locked and loaded for 26th Feb – 5th March inclusive.

Wanna be considered to for a place to join us?

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