The Healthiest Happiest You


I’m delighted to finally have my first book up and ready for sale in paperback and kindle versions.

I’m really proud of the content and hopefully it will help as many people as possible.

“The Happiest Healthiest You”

This is an accumulation of 24 years of continuous education, upgrading of my software and some anecdotal processes I’ve created over the years. I’ve found through my experience, a holistic approach to health is the way to help clients get to their desired outcomes, not a “eat this and do that” approach.

There’s far more to helping clients reach their health and fitness goals.

Letting them come to their own conclusion through our unique coaching process is key, as everybody believes what THEY say rather than what YOU tell them.

The happiest healthiest you is a book that dives deep into the psychology and neuroscience of behaviour change.

In my opinion, the days are gone where personal trainers and gyms should only offer exercise and nutrition programming, because most people have that knowledge for free at their fingertips and have a rough idea of what they need to do. The issue is executing it through mastering your mindset.

In the book I cover all aspects of your health including a number of massively important yet vastly underestimated topics such as sleep, gut health, toxicity, motivations, all the way to the fundamentals of exercise and nutrition.

Helping clients understand the how’s and why’s of mindset change and what the reasons are for self-sabotage, lack of motivation and other struggles they have around getting and sustaining results was one of the most important messages I wanted to get across.

I hope you enjoy it.

Yours in fitness



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