Post Easter Recovery


Easter Indulgence (Chuck it in the F@%k It Bucket)

So we all ate too much chocolate over Easter (Palm Oil friendly I hope 🙂 )

It’s one of those things you do once a year like Christmas, and it just happens and we do it and then regret it afterwards as we end up putting on a few pounds.

You know what…

Who cares?

Yes, I said it, who cares.

Why do we give ourselves a hard time yet do it over and over…

The definition of insanity…

But what if we just accepted we were gonna indulge and get on with it.

Deal with it, and move on.

So what if twice a year we let our hair down, (and maybe a holiday or two) and for the rest of the time we live a balanced life of anti inflammatory, nutrition dense foods and exercise.

Just make sure to consciously make slightly better choices of slightly higher cocoa % chocolate or draw a line under the chocolate-athon once Easter Sunday has past.

The most important thing is to stop the downward spiral and have the knowledge in your back pack to get you straight into your stride after your over indulgence.

Knowing what we should be eating, when we should be eating it, how much you should be eating and how to change those habits that can be hard to break!

The concerning thing can be when you don’t have the knowledge or tools to overcome these binges and get back on the wagon.

When you let these gorges continue for weeks after the said ‘Event”.

I can tell you the things that will help you.

  1. Having accountability – so that until you are set in your good habits and have reinforced them, it really does make the difference to keeping you on track
  2. Getting the clear direction you need to get rid of all the false claims with foods and fluff out the incorrect information and sly marketing by the government and large corporations who like to scratch each other’s backs.
  3. Relying on support and relating to the people around you to help you, not sabotage you through the tough times (there is nearly always hard times when changing habits)
  4. When embarking on your road to fitness and optimal health, being part of something incredible where people know your name in your exercise class, miss you when you don’t go to your exercise class and care about you and reward you for getting results at your exercise class and welcome you into the community no matter what your starting point.
  5. Getting educated on how to do this all yourself.


If that sounds like something you could need a hand with…

Sorry let me re phrase that, really need help with, (as we take people on who are hungry for results and just need all the above to get them on the right road.)

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