It’s Ok Not To Always Be Ok!


I write this as someone who definitely had potential to get down and quite often have felt that way in the past and do to some extent these days.

It’s something I never felt I had an issue with until I stopped playing rugby about three years ago now.

The one thing that always always always made me feel great was and is exercise. I was training twice a day most days so never really gave myself the time to feel down as I was always “up” and had endorphins flooding through my body continuously.

It was only on retiring, that I didn’t have that constant buzz from matches and training each day that led me to feel “Not ok”.

It’s only then did I realise, I would probably suffer from some sort of depression without that sort of constant exercise in my life.

I have spent the last three years finding my feet with my natural exercise routine that wasn’t structured and part of a team.

Along with starting an incredible family with my lovely wife, a combination of lack of sleep and massive exercise gap left in my life and pouring all my time into building my Fitness business, the adjustment was difficult and to be honest I struggled with it.

The stresses that come with building your business, the adjustment that comes with having two very young (and super cute) babies and that lack of structure lead me to suffer from anxiety, stress, not finding time for exercise (yes I know, practice what I preach) and putting on weight myself through tiredness and not prepping my food properly.

I sub consciously realised – You are cutting out the one thing that makes you feel “Ok”.


You have nothing without your health, mental or physical right?

We prioritize work, money, what people think of us, for what??

It is all wrong,

We work to make money, making ourselves sick in the process.

We endeavour to make money to build a better life for our family, but are too sick or tired to enjoy it!

Your priority has got to be, family and health end of!

A healthy “you” will be in a far better head space to be the best version of you and surely help you get a better job with less hours for more money, if not, why help someone else’s dream come true and make your own one come true by building your own success in business or niche or whatever it is that floats your boat and will help you earn a living!

I now find myself happier and healthier in my own skin, with a daily exercise routine and weekly schedule I plan out every Sunday.

I invest in myself, I hired a boxing coach twice a week which is so worth it as I love it and value it, so I don’t consider it an expense. I play 5 a side (badly) every Monday night and hit the gym twice a week for 30 minutes. It’s what I can manage and I know I can commit to.

It’s an investment in “ME”, something I have really started embracing for the last three years, whether it be education, personal development etc.

I have found the ROI like nothing else in how I now live my life and the direction I am taking it.

Find what makes you “ok” in the realms of health, hobbies, sport, pass time, family, man, women etc and make sure you cling onto it/them and value it because if you lose it, that’s what can be the cause of you being “not ok”.

It’s perfectly ok to feel “not ok” but why feel like that when there’s no need?  We have all been there and have potential to be there in the future, so know you are not alone.

Just remember two things, the “not ok” feeling will always pass and there is always a solution!

Be happy in exercise and invest in yourself!

Warm regards



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