New Year, New You & Making the Right Gym Choices


I hope you all had a great Christmas and New year with the family. I had a pretty hectic one but great at the same time.

If you are looking for a gym to start your latest ‘New Year New You’ diet and training regime you might want to read this first.

Before you decide that you may want to apply for one of our programs, I am going to tell you exactly who we are not suited to straight off the bat.

Not what you were expecting? Ha ha.

I’ve been doing this for 18 years and know who and how I can help. I also know who I can’t and won’t help.

You may think it’s counter intuitive to turn people away during the busiest time of year, but that’s how we have created our community of people who are a good fit and become part of our vision of making exercise fun and effective in a friendly, unintimidating environment free of toxic negative people for all fitness levels.

Back to that in a minute.

When looking for the right Gym, Class, ‘Diet’, make sure all of these are covered first:

  1. You have the correct coaching and correct exercise prescription (You are doing the exercises safely and not just told to do more). There are A LOT of cowboys out there who know very little, will cause injury to you and will charge you very little. You get what you pay for in most cases.
  2. You are coached and educated on the correct nutritional protocols and sustainable eating system that is proven to be a long term fit for you. (Not a ‘eat this and not this’ diet plan that doesn’t explain the ‘Whys’.)
  3. Be made accountable for your training. Don’t be the one who joins the big box gym, pays your year up front with all the enthusiasm that January brings and then be a forgotten membership number that nobody cares about or if you go or not and doesn’t show you what you should be doing in the first place).
  4. Have clear goals set and updated monthly. No Goal, No Results. Drifting will have you procrastinating and giving up faster than you can say ‘Let’s get a takeaway tonight’
  5. Get clear direction on what is best for you and your specific goals. Everybody has some sort of injury that needs to be monitored and treated and a program that needs to be tailored. Make sure you are not just living with the pain and told ‘No Pain No Gain’ by your pre-pubescent gym instructor with an online two-week certificate (Yes you can get these)
  6. Be made accountable for what goes in your mouth. Make sure your eating plan is being monitored and that in the early stages you have someone checking in on you and your progress daily, hourly, every mealtimely! (I Made up this word).
  7. You must be supported and encouraged throughout your experience. Your effort should be matched by whoever you are giving your hard earned money to. You need to feel like you are part of a close knit community and team of people who have similar goals and are going through a similar experience to you. So important to help you on your journey and keep you going through the hard times.
  8. Movement Monitoring. If you are moving poorly, you need to spend time with a coach to help you move better so you can carry out every day activities with ease and pain free.
  9. Make sure you are getting results and sure you are getting massive value for your money. At the end of the day, you are in this for your own personal results whether It be dropping clothes sizes, shedding fat, training for a marathon.
  10. Be made feel welcome, un-intimidated and encouraged to enjoy your classes and workouts by friendly, experienced coaches who care about your results.
  11. Educated on the importance of sleep, hormones, gut health and rest for results and how it is not as simple as Move More / Eat less as is over simplified a huge amount these days.
  12. Make sure they cater for all fitness levels and have classes and coaches and classes that can adapt and help and challenge all fitness levels.



Back to who is not a good fit for us, and by the way we do offer all the above and more at Complete Personal Training and CPT Bootcamps.

Here is who we don’t work with:-

  • People not willing to learn and take instruction
  • People who think Weight Watchers and Slimming World, Juice Plus etc etc, is the way forward
  • People who don’t want to commit to something long term to make the required changes and hop from one diet to another.
  • People who think a diet pill and quick fix to fat loss is the answer
  • People who are not willing to work hard and won’t push themselves or be pushed in class
  • Those who won’t work as part of a team
  • People looking for a Jan plan then disappearing
  • People with no manners and trouble makers


-Our female, semi-private memberships are made up of females – age profile 38-58.

-Our bootcamps are made up of 80% Females 20% males – age profile 25-58 years old.

-Our Private Personal Training is made up of 90% Males 10% females – age profile 7-78 years old

If you would like to make long term sustainable changes to your life, body and mindset and finally get the help from us so you can become the happiest, healthiest version of you.

Apply for a free consultation here

Our Training Venue in Dalkey

CPT Bootcamps Dalkey – pretty inspirational


We will do our best to get to everyone!

Here’s to a Happy New Year and Positive Wishes from the Complete Personal Training Team.






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