As I always say, investing in yourself is the best investment you can make. No question. 

I like to walk the walk if I talk the talk. 

I’m on my way back from a week long control practitioner training course on Lanzarotes good neighbour, the island of Fuertaventura. There could be worse places to spend time studying and upskilling I must admit. The thought of heading away to spend time with 5 strangers for longer than I’ve ever been away from my kids for, was a little unnerving, And the irony is not lost on me, as that’s what I ask of our Compete Transformation Retreat guests on our Mind & Body Retreats to Lanzarote to do. 

Personal development is something I’ve always valued, and something I will continue to invest in as it gives me great satisfaction in continuously adding value to my family, my members and most importantly myself. I owe it to myself to be the best version of me. 

But change usually comes from taking a chance, no matter how big or small.

Being away In a nice environment always adds to the experience of learning in my opinion. It’s not quite the same learning in a dark hotel conference room in Dublin or London, with the rain pelting against the windows, as it is to be learning on a sun drenched terrace of a luxury villa with a pool, a lovely warm climate and blue skys for days on a canary island. 

What was I learning here that meant so much to me, that I was willing to sacrifice 9 days away from my family? Not too many things would have me make such a sacrifice. Upgrading my mindset knowledge so I can add value to my clients lives and add another string to my bow when it comes to offering something different to keep us a step above the rest. (and there’s a lot of new gyms and personal training places opening up close by). 

Having 20 years of experience in the industry is no longer an important factor in potential clients joining us. (I must be one of the longest running personal training businesses in the country at this stage).  Who has the best marketeers appears to be the thing that supersedes experience and value for money In attracting clientele. 

I digress… 

A unique selling point that will only benefit my personal training facility and retreats is what I’m about to tell you about.

Every gym can give you a workout (not always safely) and every gym can give some sort of nutrition advice (not often informed), but there is nobody who can offer the top level of both of these with an add on, of being able to help people with the top three inches of themselves. The head, more importantly, the mind-set. Those times of lack of motivation, falling off the wagon, emotional eating, self-sabotage et al.

Now you have a solution in CPT, that will help you make your desired changes forever.

Learning and understanding in more depth about how the mind actually works and being able to deliver a tried and trusted system that delivers results long term, time and time again is something I am now able to do. 

Being able to help people on a deeper level now will allow me to enjoy my work even more. Those who know me, know I love being able to help people. Some people can follow a training and nutrition plan once it’s put in front of them, others struggle being able to start (exercising) or stop themselves (food) in certain scenarios in terms of following a plan.  This is where your subconscious mind comes in and takes over. It’s where your behavioural patterns and your hard drive is stored. 

It’s crucial to be able to talk to your subconscious, to be able to sort any underlying issues when it comes to changing long term. When I say talk, I mean communicate on a level that your sub conscious will appreciate, understand and respond to. You know when you give out and curse your behaviour when you so something wrong? Your crew have your best interest at heart, they just need some cohersion to adopt a different more helpful role, as it’s only doing what it thinks is correct ie what it learnt up to the age of 8/9 as the best strategies to keep you happy. 

Our mind is there to find us the quickest and most effective way to happiness. End of. That’s it, it’s no more complicated than that. 

Imagine this analogy, you conscious mind (the one that is logical, rational, reasoning) is the ship, and your sub conscious (emotes and imagines) is the crew of that ship. The captain is the boss and the crew are told what to do. Unfortunately from time to time the crew fall out of line and end up pulling in a different direction to the rest, causing issues to arise in the direction of the ship. The crew (subconscious) is where we spend the majority of our time (up to 95%). We snap out of it when we get a fright and react instinctively or if a dog runs on to the road when we are driving and we have to react. 

 At an early age up to 8-9, in fact, that was our only thought process. We did, we learnt, we were emotional, and we imagined. This is where we were uploading our software, our map of reality of how the world worked and our behavioural patterns are formed. It’s only around 8-9 years old our conscious mind developed and we could become more rational.  Along with this, we developed a security guard who was there to make sure any new information after this stage was assessed before it was accepted, If it didn’t align with our map of reality, it wasn’t allowed in. 

Bearing in mind, our mind there to find the quickest to happiness, unfortunately our sub conscious mind is still running off the software it uploaded from our early days, so, the strategies it used before, to help us be happy, aren’t quite as relevant or valid anymore. 

So the crew sometimes lose their way a bit, until we can steer them right again through talking and guiding them and checking in with them, Does that make sense? 

Also bearing in mind, the crew (sub conscious mind) emotes and imagines, we have to do one or both to create sub conscious dominance, (where we can talk directly with the sub conscious). We get past the security guard (who stops information getting to the subconscious/crew) by asking the crew to come out to us for a chat. We can do this, as I mentioned by getting emotional (not the preferred option) or using our imagination (preferred option).

Simple imagination games can help us tap into and speak to our sub conscious mind (the crew) to re wire the patterns and upgrade the software. Depending on the child like coping mechanisms we are using at the moment to deal with our adult issues. When you say it like that, it makes sense right? 

So, with this method, yes imagination games and plenty of other cool stuff, a little bit of humour, we can make real changes in a pretty short time frame. 

Most of the time, 4 x 1-1 sessions to be exact.

Struggling with emotional eating, anxiety, stress, trauma and self-sabotage can seam like long term problems, with not a huge light at the end of the tunnel in terms of “cures”. Thankfully, this is a new type of solution, so you no longer need to suffer in silence. 

Those are just some of the issues I can now help with in terms of one to one sessions. 

I’m guessing everybody has something they could use a hand with, need some help? I’m a click away, and I’m on your team. 

Yours in fitness 






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