Mid Term + Kids = No Work Out – WRONG

I always know it’s mid term as my school drop off class in the Studio on Mon/Wed/Fri or our 9.15am Bootcamp Tues/Thurs (And New Friday Class coming) is quiet because kids are home and there is no escaping the madness for an hour.

Maybe not, but that should not be an excuse to skip a workout.

I do know, having two young kids that it can make it easy to skip it because of your list of excuses, heck I’ve even skipped workouts myself.

Tired, stressed, overwhelmed, always on call Taxi service…the list goes on.

Yeah I get it, I’m smack bang in the middle of all that but you have to realise 4 things.

  • You are not alone, so take comfort that even people in the fitness profession have the same struggles ie Yours Truly.
  • You will never ever regret that time you made the special effort to get your workout in no matter how much you didn’t want to do it.
  • Your desire to get results has to outweigh your excuses, because you will have every one under the sun available to you, but guess what? So do most others, and they just get on with it. They just plan better and diary it, just like any other priority in their life.
  • Understand and don’t underestimate the benefits that “THAT” workout will have on your mental and physical health. Remember how you felt down last week, or this morning? Yup I also feel down too. But have you ever still felt down after a moderate to intense exercise class? I will bet my bottom dollar that would be a NO!

We can all find 10 minutes a day I don’t care what your ‘time poor’ excuse is.

10 Minutes

Sacrifice 10 minutes of phone time, facebook time, texting time, TV time, procrastinating time, reading this blog time…

There’s your 10 minutes.

So try this :-

30 seconds High knees

30 Second Jumping Jacks

30 Second Press ups

30 Second Squats

30 Second Plank

30 Second Alternate leg lunges

30 Second Table Tops

30 Second Cycle crunches

Repeat x 2 sets (Times) without rest between exercises (1 minute rest between sets)


Less than 10 minutes with a full body routine.

Let me know how you go!



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