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Damian Hall – Owner – Head of Injury Management and Education

I am a Father and a family man first and foremost , with a passion for helping people reach their potential. I have a thirst for knowledge and improving the service we offer to all our members of CPT is always a priority.

It was during my time in St. Andrew’s College that my passion for rugby and fitness first started. I am proud to say that since 1997, when I left school, I played at the top end of amateur rugby for the guts of 20 years, We won an All Ireland league and Leinster Cup with St Mary’s, captained and coached Wanderers to a Leinster league and promotion to the All Ireland League, captained Bective for three consecutive years, visited over 30 countries, worked in

two schools, married my best friend and we have a beautiful daughter Sienna and Son Harrison.

My experience on and off the field has taught me the importance of fitness and health. My passion and hobby led me to start running my own businesses supporting people through their journey to become healthier and fitter

What not many people know about me

– I am a qualified Sports Therapist Sailing Instructor and Trigger point master trainer (only 6 of us in the UK and Ireland).

-I have been in a movie featured in the Cannes film festival and auditioned for Superman (Cringe)

-I have qualification in sport psychology

-I have 3 Caps for the Irish Amateur International Rugby Team

What I do: At Complete Personal Training and CPT Bootcamps, primarily a semi-private and private personal training and fitness facility; we motivate people just like you, who may be stuck in a rut, advise and support you to make sure you get results fast. We give our clients clear direction and support. We keep people accountable and support them in a close knit family environment of positive encouraging like minded people who are now motivated and continuously getting and most importantly sustaining long term results!

We run early morning and evening training classes in our private custom built training facility and have 18 bootcamp classes per week at various locations in South Dublin (Dalkey and Bray).

We are certainly not the cheapest facility around, but that’s because we pride ourselves on delivering top quality customer service and super charged workouts that get insane results.

We have helped hundreds of people change their lives through successful habit change, nutrition education, increased training

ethic and of course welcoming them into our support network of amazing members who are hand picked to join the Complete Personal Training family!

We cater for all fitness levels and age groups but specialise in middle age men and women who need direction and a clear path to achieve great sustainable results.

There is a great community of members who attend our workouts which is great to see. I love having a great bunch of positive like minded people supporting each other as part of the CPT family. So check out my website www.completepersonaltraining.i.e, or follow us on twitter @Complete_P_T and if you are at the beginning of your journey or finding you are not getting results in your current gym please get in touch, and we will make it our mission to help you!

We also run an online program for those that are time restricted and need to work out from the comfort of their own home while the baby is asleep!


We have recently added Complete Transformation Retreats to our services. We take 8-10 guest away for 7 nights of luxury, eating clean, working out and learning long term strategies to help them move forward with modules on Goal Setting, Stress management, Nutrition, Mind set and More. We have now even included a cooking demo so you go home armed with all the tools you could ever need to succeed in all aspects of your life.

I love helping people just like you, to get your mojo back and get back to being the happiest healthiest version of yourself

Yours in Fitness


Dominic Dowling – Head of Programming and Senior Coach

Hi guys, here is a short insight into how my fitness career started. It goes back now over 13 years to when I first stepped into the gym, A nervous very skinny beginner eager to look like the guys on the magazine covers. The gym quickly filled the gap of the so many sports Iplayed as a kid but began neglect throughout adolescence. However soon it was time to
make the big decision any 18 year old fears. what am i going to do with my life….

After picking a college course that was most definitely not suited to me at all 6 months later I found myself back to square one. After having a long look at where I was, I realised that the one thing I was constantly studying and learning about since I was 15 was health and fitness.

So that was what I went onto study. After achieving my qualifications i went straight to work in hotel gym. After  a short amount of time working here i knew i needed a new, bigger challenge. I then went out on my own setting up and running my own boot-camp, eager to take a more hands on approach to fitness. before I knew it I had a small space close to home
where i was training and helping people achiever their goals. 

About 2 years on I was met with a job offer I couldn’t refuse at the time. So I decided to leave fitness behind, not personally of course, professionally and start a new chapter. Some ways into this chapter I received another job offer, A chance to come and work For
Complete personal training, in both the botcamps and inside the PT studio.

Initially i was not sure if the time was right. But that was quickly brushed aside after meeting Damian and the other members of the CPT team. 
At the moment I am more motivated than ever to help people achieve the results they are after. Whether it is simply get off the couch and get active, or get out there and train likenever before. I love it all! 

I still study fitness every day, and I dont think I will ever stop. no matter where I am in life. Right now, I am in an extremely lucky position that im not sure many people get to be. I managed to turn a huge passion of mine into a career.

Whats the old saying, if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life…… (until you have a 6am client!!!)

Jenny Mayberry – Senior Personal Trainer (Blonde)


Lisa Vaughan – Head Of Pilates

PILATES helps to rebalance the body, restore ideal alignment, improve strength and flexibility and promotes fluid movement within the body. Our instructor Lisa Vaughan is STOTT Pilates trained.

Along with Mat Based Pilates, Lisa specialises in both Prenatal & Postnatal Pilates and is also highly experienced in working with clients with Scoliosis, Osteopenia and Osteoporosis. She also works on sport specific Pilates such as Golf , Tennis and Running.

She incorporates equipment such as stretch bands, fitness circles, stability balls and weighted toning balls to keep her workouts both interesting and challenging. Lisa works with clients within CPT and has her own clients on a one to one, group and corporate basis helping people achieve their unique fitness goals .

Sarah Coffey – Client Success Manager 



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