Living In The Present


Don’t know what we would do if this happens? 

What happens if we can’t do that? 

Do these things pop into your head on a daily basis? 

In 5 years this or that may happen… 

Worry, anxiety, stress are all based around putting your energy and thoughts into the future.. 

The “what if” mentality. 


Living in FEAR 






Your mind does some funny things, especially when it comes to your inner voice telling you ridiculous lies (You can control that voice by the way). 

Equally when we live in the past, we can get bogged down in what we had for breakfast or what may have gone on a year or ten years ago. (That we can’t change) 

Ever thought of giving yourself a break and letting it go?  

If needs be, go revisit the issue, rectify and resolve it, so you can move on.  

How good would that feel? A massive weight lifted off your shoulders most likely. 

Would you speak to a close friend or family member the way you sometimes speak to yourself? 

No I thought not. 

Seriously, I have had times (and still do) where I curse myself, call myself useless etc and have started to catch myself and snap the F%$k out of it.  

I’d then think, why would I speak to myself like that when I wouldn’t speak to someone close to me like that (or anyone for that matter) 

It’s very easy to get caught up in this mindset, especially with all the highlight reels on social media we are exposed to. 

Living in the Present

Be Here Now


The Highlight Reel 

A term that refers to comparing yourself to people’s best parts that they deem acceptable to post on FB. 

A dangerous game to play.  

You know what? It’s all BS. 

What you don’t see is the struggles people are going through each and every day that they don’t put up on social media 

Funny that. 

We all have struggles we deal with, it’s just some people deal with them better than others.  

I still fall into the trap of living in the future mindset. 

I get overwhelmed, I used to have bad anxiety constantly, I feel down, I get frustrated, I have times when I get thoughts that are ridiculous when comparing myself to peeps who are more successful than I am. 

But you know what, it’s generally from those social media highlight reels where you don’t see the warts and all of what’s really going on behind the scenes.

When it comes to family, work, money, social life, relationships etc. there is nearly always a trade off. 

What I mean by that is this. 

Some appear to have more money but have to work every hour under the sun so have less family time and are over stressed. 

Some people have tonnes of money and drive fast cars and appear to have a luxury lifestyle, but maybe replacing something missing in their lives i.e. do they have relationships with their kids? 

Some people live happily with less money but have tonnes of family time. 

Some prioritise family, some prioritise work, some health, some relationships but rarely do people have a good balance of all 4. 

I feel I now have a good balance and make sure I plan out my week, following certain guidelines that help you achieve that.

My “Perfect Life Work balance formula” will be live in my new membership site launching in the next couple of weeks 

The best place to live? 

The present.  


Because that’s what’s going on now and that’s what’s most important.  

What you do and the way you channel your energy now, will help mould the future and fix past issues. 

If you mope in the past or worry too much about the future, do you think that serves you in the best way possible? 

The best way to live and stay in the present comes down to two things- 

  1. Practicing mindfulness – This can be done through Yoga, through breathing, through turning your phone off at meal times or when with family and friends, through TAKING TIME FOR YOU
  2. Appreciating and having gratitude for what you have in your life i.e. Health, Family, Food, Shelter etc

 Now sometimes, you read these solutions and think yes but how?? 

 So I’m gonna hook you up with my morning rituals process, that will help with all the above. (Also in my membership site) 

Start the day right and in the present.  

Watch your life, work, relationships and career flourish. 



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