Ok, so it’s the start of August, we’re in the full swing of the summer months, all the kids are off school, the weather is unreal and let’s face it, daily and weekly routines have gone out the window.  All this makes it damn hard to stick to an exercise regime, let alone making the appropriate food choices.  Throw in a summer bbq or 10 and a holiday. Now we are really having some fun.

This is just a short blog piece, with a few easy tips to help you stick with your health and fitness goals over these mostly unpredictable months. I will also leave a small relevant calorie break down of different, very generalised food and drinks.

Firstly lets break down exactly the reasons our routines have changed

School Holidays

Starting with probably one of the biggest changes……the kids are out of jail…. well for the most part anyway.

From September to July, Monday to Friday, most parents enjoy the freedom they have from their kids being safe and sound in the safety of the classroom, sometimes up until 3pm each day. Different times for all, but for the most part there are a few hours in the day when you have time for yourself and you can fit into your weekly routine; work, workouts, time to prepare food, and a whole array of different things that need to be done.  Come the first of July however, that goes out the window and catering for your kids becomes the number one priority all day every day.

So here are 3 tips on how to keep your kids occupied and keep your routine and sanity.

Summer camps!!!

These are a fantastic way to allow yourself maintain your workout routine throughout the summer months, they can go from morning right through until 2/3pm in some cases. Leaving you plenty of time to get a workout in or get yourself prepared for a workout later in the day. Camps are also an excellent way of keeping the kids active over the summer. (I work kids summer camps, they are no joke haha!!)

Kid Inclusive Activities

Sometimes summer camps aren’t an option, whether it be the cost, or the nature of the child, they aren’t for everyone and that’s totally fine. So instead of totally neglecting your exercise and diet, why not try including your kids. Will you be able to drag them to the gym? Probably not! However there is nothing wrong with getting out for a walk, a swim, a cycle or even a picnic day out. Will this be as effective as an intensive gym session, probably not, but it sure beats sitting inside doing nothing and hey if it’s rains…. why not pick out a healthy recipe and cook it together.

Avoiding excuses

This tip is going to be key to your summer routine, it is so easy over the summer to make excuses to miss your workout. Some are legitimate and that’s totally fine, but most just aren’t. There is always a point in the day where you can get some form of exercise done. Don’t use your disrupted routine as an excuse, instead build a new routine. School ends the same time most years, plan in advance.

Summer social events

The next clear disruption to peoples routines, my own included, is the sudden influx of social events during the summer months.  The summer event calendar can sometimes begin as early as the holy communion and from then on there will be dinners, BBQs, garden parties and any reason to be out and about socialising and enjoying the good weather.  This is absolutely fantastic, and a summer wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t get to sit outside with a glass of wine and chat to family and friends, however, it definitely messes up getting workouts done and eating cleanly.

Here are some basic tips about how to handle events of the summer months.

Healthy food options

When writing blogs, I absolutely avoid giving direct dietary advice. However, it is common sense for the most part that over eating calories will lead you to putting on weight. If you are eating out or at-tending a BBQ, go for slightly lower calorie food options. Whether that means leaving the burger bun off the plate, opting for a side of salad instead of a potato, going for lighter style dipping sauce, it all counts! Generally speaking red meat (steak, beef) will come in highest in calories. White meat (chick-en etc.) lower, and then lower again will be fish. Now that is not exact, but it will be a big help when looking to choose lower calorie options.


Drink is going to play a part over the summer months. Alcohol is pretty much considered empty calories, i.e. calories that have no nutritional value.  A glass of wine or two won’t cause a massive amount of damage, however, if you intend to drink a bottle or two, you will substantially increase your daily calories and therefore gain weight.  If you plan to have a few drinks, go for lower calorie options like a white spirit with a light drink (vodka/soda) (gin/slimline) or something along those lines, or else add some sparkling water or ice to your glass of wine.

The day of / The day after

Ok so you know you have a dinner or big event that evening. The best thing to do is wake up early that day and get a big workout in, no excuses, no questions. Burn off some of the projected calories you plan to ingest. The will help offset some of the damage to follow.  The next day can differ. Some people will have a hangover some won’t. For those of you suffering, don’t go for the quick easy food option.  As tempting as it is, I can guarantee health and fitness wise you will be in a far better place if you can prepare and eat your own food for that day. Plenty of water will also help. If a workout isn’t on the cards, try get outside for a walk., clear the head and plan the coming few days ahead.


The most exciting summer “disruption” has to be holidays.  Whether you have two weeks planned in the Algarve or just a few days down the south of Ireland. The task still remains the same. How do I keep myself from gaining 10 pounds…… Here are a few tips to help with the process.


By no means at all should you ever, ever, feel guilty about going on holidays and straying from routine. Enjoy every minute. You may not know when your next break away will come! Reconnect with family and friends and enjoy the time off.

Staying active

Now this is a great one. Would I recommend you hit the gym every day you are on holidays, absolutely not, unless that is what you enjoy.  Start your holiday with an exploring walk and get to know your surroundings on foot. Whether it’s a familiar or unfamiliar place. And guess what you are getting some much needed steps in. Once you become familiar, plan activities. Whether it’s something new, swimming in the sea, kayaking, paddle boarding, tennis, aqua aerobics in the pool (the funny dancing!!!) the list is literally endless.  Being on holiday allows you to step out of your comfort zone, Being around people you don’t know allows you a unique opportunity to embrace a new side of yourself. We know how judgemental people at home can be. Let loose and try new things!!

Falling off the wagon and getting back on:

Now everyone always has great plans when thinking about holidays. And let’s face it, sometimes they just don’t come to fruition.  Some people get abroad, sit by the pool, drink in between meals and hardly move. And you know what, that’s perfectly fine. A holiday is whatever the individual makes it. Don’t feel guilty. But you know what when you get home, the best thing you can do is start back into your routine.  Try and make it back to the gym, try and get out for a walk, try and opt for the healthier food option again. Slowly climb back onto the wagon with small improvements. The sooner you implement them the better. Start slow and build back up. Do not come home and punish yourself for being away, it’s no way to live. Gradually re adjust your lifestyle.

I hope the above tips have given you guys some clarity about how to build and stick out a healthy routine over the summer months which can often be stressful, tiring and a total nightmare. But do the best you can. If you manage to continue your healthy habits and exercise over the summer months, come September when you have your old life and routine back, you will be in such a better place mentally and physically.

Keep your good habits up during the summer months, if you fall off the wagon, hang on and slowly climb back on. Do it once and every summer will get easier.

As promised here are some Calorie comparisons for food and drink:

These number can vary slightly* food is uncooked / unseasoned

100g sirloin steak -183 cal

100g chicken breast – 165 cal

100g cod – 82 cal

100gs lettuce – 15 cals     (just to show how little calories are in veg, stock up ur plate)

100gs pork sausages – 317cals    (bet you are surprised at that)

100gs sweet potato – 86 cals

100gs basmati rice – 349 calories

200ml of white wine – 165 cals

200ml of red wine – 170 cals

Standard vodka/soda/fresh lime -70 cals

gin and slimline tonic – 60 calories

standard pint of beer -180 calories





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