Moving house is the same as weight loss…Sort of.  🙂


We are moving house this week. After having struggled with knock back after knock back, we have managed to purchase our first family home together after a saga of over 6 years of trying and failing. 

I must admit, it will be all the sweeter once we get the keys, having been turned down for mortgages and met so many hurdles and struggled so many times along the Longggggggg road to now!. 

Some good lessons to be learnt there.  

Shifting two kids, a wife and a lifetime worth of “Stuff” that can accumulate can be a daunting task. 

It can be, but with good planning, giving yourself time and taking it step by step, rather than doing it all at once, and expecting it to be easier and less stressful is key. 

Now you may ask, how does this relate to to fatloss? 

Well it does and it doesn’t. 

Fatloss can be daunting, embarking on a new program can be stressful. But what most people fall down on are the 3 things I have listed below. 

But two of the most important parts of losing body fat that are relatable to moving house and getting healthy are:-  


1) Good planning (Preparation) 

2) Taking it step by step (Not expecting it all to happen at once). 

3) Being consistent (not comparable to moving house but important none the less)


Now these are similar and not particularly mind blowing, but are equally important. 


1) Good planning when moving house is making sure you have the right stuff in the right boxes, moved to the right rooms at the right times. 

Good planning for fatloss comes from prepping the right food, in the right place, (that you are going to be) at the right times i.e. after training, when home from work etc. 


2) Taking it step by step when moving house, making it less stressful for us, meant moving bits at a time, several weeks before move day, putting things into boxes, doing a clear out of old things you don’t need and giving them to charity shops (this can be really liberating). 

Taking it step by step when it comes to fatloss is similar.  Moving old habits out, bit by bit and introducing new ones. If you do it all at once can mean it’s overwhelming and stressful and that doesn’t generally end well. 

Clearing out your cupboards of old foods that are slowly poisoning you and your family and instead introducing fresh, nutrient dense, one ingredient foods that will help you reach optimal health is what you should be concentrating on. 


3) Being consistent  – Time is your friend here.  You have all the time in the world when it comes to getting healthy and losing weight. There’s no race or prize at the end.  It’s all about doing what works for you and being consistent with it.  As long as you are getting results and you can see yourself sticking with it long term, that’s what matters.  At the beginning, there will of course be some adjustments and hard times when introducing new habits and taking certain foods out of your diet.  But like anything, practice makes perfect, if you make a mistake and fall off the wagon, chuck it in the F%$k it Bucket and move on.  Don’t let yourself fall into the trap of the downward spiral of “I’ve eaten that chocolate bar so I may as well eat EVERYTHING around me. Sound familiar? 

But what certainly won’t serve you is sticking to something 80% of the time and bingeing for the other 20%. You are heading for a life of frustration and continuous failures regarding your fatloss goals. 



Now there are 5 Key components to optimal health and consistent fatloss, in fact I will share them in my free group in the next day or so.  

Jump on in here. 

One of the most important things to remember, is that if you have a magic figure of weight you would like to get to in your head, you don’t magically become happy and ride off into the sunset when you reach it.  

If you are relying on that to be happy, I’m afraid it will be a massive disappointment when you get there. Enjoy the process and make it part of your life.  

You can’t just stop exercising when you get to that magic number.  It doesn’t work like that I’m afraid. It all comes down to you owning your body, how you feel in your own skin, when you skip past the mirror after a shower and admire what you see looking back at you, how your clothes fit, how healthy you feel, your relationships with your loved ones and having a roof over your head with food on the table and enough money to get by. 

I mean, what’s more important than that in life? 

So, you may as well enjoy the process of nourishing your body and mind through proven nutrition strategies and exercise programming. 

After all, if you wanna win at this, 

You’re in it for the long haul! 


The fun of choosing new floors, carpets and tiles is all ahead of us (I say this with slight sarcasm), as well as managing expectations of certain other halves, it is an exciting time for the Hall family.  

I am really looking forward to embracing living in Greystones and all the beautiful surroundings that go with it.  

You never know, a new gym location could be on the cards 🙂 
Watch this space. 


Dalkey Fitpro (Maybe soon to be Greystones fitpro J ) 

South Dublin 



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