Is your ‘healthy’ diet making you fat? 


Having been working in the Fitness and nutrition industry for over 18 years, talking to people about their diets has probably gone into the 10,000 thousand at this stage. 

One of my first questions when we have a potential client come in for an in depth Complimentary Transformation Consultation in our Dalkey studio is :- 

What is your daily nutrition routine? Ie What do you eat for Breakfast, lunch and Dinner? 

The answer for most (not all) looks something similar to this:



Cereal / Porridge -Toast – Tea  


Morning snack 

Banana / Fruit Smoothie 



Wrap / Sandwhich – Soup 



Pasta/Potatoes /Rice – Meat – Veg 


Couch Snack 

Chocolate biscuit – Tea and a glass of wine 


Am I close to your average day? 

At a quick glance this probably seems like a normal, reasonably healthy diet.  When we actually delve into the quality of calories and the amount of calories you are getting from carbohydrate and sugar… 

It may frighten you when you realise that you just don’t need the amount of Carbohydrates (Which gets broken down into sugar) you are eating on a daily basis. 

If we had a calorie output of Michael Phelps, the swimmer, a carbohydrate intake as above would help fuel him as he’s training for 4-6 hours a day… 

You, on the other hand, are not an elite athlete (I’m guessing [Symbol]), and here the problem lies. 

Now we understand that if we burn more calories than we consume, science proves that we will lose weight. I am a firm believer through anecdotal evidence, that it goes far deeper than that, especially when you take into account inflammation, quality of calories, gut health etc. 

But this is for another day. 

Now back to the meal plan above. 

You may notice that each of the meals above are Carbohydrate dominant i.e. high energy foods, that are causing your blood sugar levels to go haywire (promoting fat storage and slowing down fatloss and effecting your energy levels) 

Plus, when your energy/Carbohydrate (Glycogen) stores are full, where do you think the extra goes?  You know the food baby poking out over your trousers?…. Yup, there. 

Now, we haven’t touched on fat or protein yet.  

Fat, something that this eating plan is devoid of.  

It’s role in our diet cannot be denied and is crucial, from regulating hormones, to brain function, hair skin and nails quality and growth, reducing inflammation to cell function.  

Still wanna cut it out?  

Hopefully we can see from this that going “Low Fat” Is a terrible nutritional strategy for reaching optimal health and fatloss. 

Protein is another macro nutrient that the plan is low on. A way of staying fuller for longer, and what the body needs to maintain and grow muscle. 

So, when we look at this meal plan we should flip it on its head and base your meals around mainly protein, fat and vegetables and reduce your starchy carbohydrates and sugars for optimal body composition. 

So, here’s what a day’s food intake that would serve you better and help you reach optimal health, would look like. 



Chia pudding with side of Poached eggs / Coffee 



Green smoothie ratio 4/1 veg to fruit 



Chicken, Avocado Salad with Olive oil and Apple cider vinegar dressing 



Apple with Nut butter 



Fish and vegetables 


Herbal Tea 


We haven’t mentioned water intake here, another crucial part of getting healthier.  

What could be easier thank just drinking more water? (2/3 litres ideally)

Give this plan, or something similar, a go and let me know how you get on. 

You might surprise yourself. 



Dalkey Fitpro 

South Dublin 

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