A Flying lesson and My Top 5 Recovery Strategies


I am sitting on a plane to Prague for a Master Trainer Conference for all 22 Master Trainers in Europe (Yes I am one) squashed into the corner of a Ryanair cabin with approximately -5 cm spare to move.

You may not know, but I am 6’5 and about 18st.  Do the maths, it’s not pretty (Or anyway comfortable)

Why didn’t I book an emergency exit? Because I missed the boat and checked in before I realised.


Lesson learned.

Anyway, knees in my mouth, legs aching and breathing deeply becoming an issue while trying not to take up too much of the poor lady’s seat next to me (the poor lady), oh and we are delayed for 30 minutes on the runway,

Not ideal…

Tight spaces

A little squished in my seat

Anyway, the sacrifices we make to keep our learn on. Time away from home, away from my nuggets and wife, is it worth it?

Yes for the most part as I like to keep over delivering to my amazing clients who trust in me to look after every aspect of their physical condition, not just fatloss!

Getting slightly off topic, but sitting here I was wondering what to blog about.

What could be more relevant to this situation than picking up the pieces after the flight from being scrunched into a seat for the best part of three and a half hours.



So I’m gonna take you through my top 5 recovery strategies. These strategies can be used for after either Exercise or Travelling,

  1. Eat clean and stay hydrated. This is a simple yet obvious one. Air conditioning on planes is notoriously harsh and can really knock the stuffing out of you. Aim to drink a litre of good quality water per hour travelling as a minimum guideline. Clean Food is critical for your body to function at it’s highest level. High protein post training is critical for your recovery and also to help repair damaged muscles post training. After flying it is just important to stear clear of the junk food in airports as it will add to your stiffness and inflamed joints. If you want maximum recovery, alcohol is another no no, as it inflames your joints also compounding the stiffness and aching.
  1. Foam Rolling. Kinda relevant as I’m off to a Trigger Point conference to meet with the other master trainers. A VITAL component to any training plan or to help loosen you after a flight. We use it to keep all our members injury free and training at their best for optimum results. If you don’t have one, go get one immediately. One of the best training tools you can own.
  1. Compression Garments. Compression leggings and tops can be a great tool (wearing whilst flying and training) for recovery post training/flying. It helps reduce vibration of the muscle, keeps them warm and increases the blood flow which will always help to reduce inflammation and delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).
  1. Ice/Heat Therapy.  One of my love hate choices. Probably the most effective but not the most pleasant. Have you ever jumped in the Irish sea or had an ice bath?  Not fun at the time, but really re invigorates you and reduces the DOMS and fatigue in the body the next day. If you can’t stomach a cold bath, try an extra hot bath with some epsom salts for the Magnesium in the salts. Excellent post training. Try some light stretches in the bath and feel the difference the next day.
  1. Sleep and a ZMA Supplement. One of the best supplements to compliment any training program. Zinc, Magnesium and Vit B6. Combined provide you with a deeper sleep helping you recover. All your best recovery happens in your sleep after all. Try it, it’s one of my go to’s!


Let me know how you go with these strategies. 1 – 2 and 4 are the ones I find most beneficial for me, but feel free to send us your feedback on what works for you.


Yours in fitness


Dalkey Fitpro

South Dublin


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