Family Dinner Time, Bonding and Cooking Skills

The worlds gone pretty crazy on convenience food, trying to make it as easy as possible for people to eat quickly. Not how your body intended to be fed.

Something I hear a lot these days is ‘It’s too expensive to eat healthy’.

Well they have a point, it certainly is when eating out. But have they really looked into it?

Bulk buy

 -Basmati rice, quinoa, Coconut flour (check out your local Asian store)

-Frozen veg, fruit pieces (cheaper than fresh and are generally great quality)

-Every butcher is doing great deals on fresh meat these days (can freeze)

-Good quality eggs


Not expensive.


I completely understand the point when you can by 10 chicken nuggets for €2 in McDonalds, a chicken (I use that term loosely) baguette role for €3 and a Sugar laden ‘juice’ for €1.

If you saw the processing it takes to produce these foods and were informed of the ingredients, you would pretty quickly agree that it could not be positive on your body in any way apart from taste for the couple of minutes it takes to shovel it in.

My point is, what is it going to cost you long term, if you are putting this stuff into your body on a regular basis?

Diabetes, Heart disease, High blood pressure, High cholesterol and all the other obesity related illnesses that go with it!

So we have established, eating cleaner and healthier is more expensive, but the results of consistently eating cheap rubbish food will cost you a HUGE amount more in terms of your health, your quality of life and ultimately your bank balance down the track.

The second thing we need to address is what we do with the healthy food now that we have invested in it (and your health).

How are your culinary skills?

I would consider myself a good cook. I was lucky enough to be taught the basics as a youngster (Thanks mum) and now in this hectic life find it quite therapeutic.

Fighting to make time is the difficult part right?

It’s supposed to be a time for family to spend time with each other, bond, chat, but in reality these days it’s a 5 minute window to shovel food in with not a huge regard to what the nutrient content is like, i.e. what we are putting into our bodies.

I am generally out a couple of times a week so prepping my food each week is crucial. I am also guilty of shoveling in between meetings and clients!

I like to big batch cook my food for the week so it doesn’t take up a huge block of time. Two hours a week of food prep and that’s me sorted! We can all afford that right?

It’s the protocol I use with my clients also. It is a MASSIVE part of getting results. If you are prepped with tasty nutritious food it makes it an easy enough transition to healthy food. It’s when you are not, is when you run into eating rubbish right? We’ve all been there, hungry and vulnerable and end up eating rubbish!

If you are struggling with what to eat and how to make it tasty, nutritious and quick I hosted a live cooking demo on Thursday last week in my online facebook group for “All Things Healthy” where we do live Q&A’s each week and cooking demos.  If you’re struggling join me in the group and I’ll do what I can to help.


In my free facebook group ‘All Things Healthy With Damian’

All Things Healthy Group

This is where I help people with all things Health, Fitness and Nutrition related!


What was on the menu:

-Cream of Mushroom soup

-Non Cook Protein Balls

-Rice-less Stir fry


Catch ya in there!

Click here to join:    All Things Healthy Group


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