Emotional Eating

We can put emotional eating down to a couple of things. 

Needing comfort when feeling down, wanting to feel better even if for a few minutes through the initial taste of chosen sabotage food


Feeling the need to eat something when celebrating a win or a good day for whatever reason. 

Unfortunately, the sweet or salty taste you just indulged in only does just that, serves you for a few minutes. Long after those few minutes have been and gone, the guilt, the “why did I do that” thought process kicks in and subsequent feelings of regret last for far longer. 

We often fall into this trap as soon as something good or bad happen to us, i.e. something that triggers a happy or sad emotion generally.   

When we have had a bad day – Wine and chocolate   

When we have had a good day – Dinner out and a treat (Usually food) to celebrate 

Why do we choose a food or drink to indulge in when an emotion kicks in? 

Because our sub conscious is there to protect us at all costs and to keep us safe. It’s there to keep us from bad and help us feel good. 

Unfortunately, it doesn’t see past the short term feeling of happiness as we tuck into the bar of dairy milk, or the fact that it is not serving us well in the long term. 

So how do we break this seemingly unbreakable bond we have with eating with emotion. 

Firstly, we have to shine a big fat light on it… 


We have to work out where we do the deed?  

What’s the emotion that triggers it?  

What’s the association we have with the food? 

Behaviour as a result? i.e. eating, smoking etc 


Is there a trend, a trail of hints that can help you identify what, when, why and how? 

Once we can do this, it really helps us then put a plan in place to cope, re-train and re-wire our brains to help us behave differently when emotion kicks in. 

Eliciting change is what we are trying to achieve here, and if we can elicit small change bit by bit, it is a base from which we can work from.  

Just like anything, practice helps you become good at it. 

This is just one of the modules I will be teaching about on our next Complete Lanzarote Retreat in October (5th-12th) 

I believe it’s extremely powerful and will help give people coping mechanisms when it comes to sabotage and emotional eating. 

You should join us. 

One single place or a couple’s place is available from a cancellation. 


Yours in fitness 



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