Eliciting Change

Changing that ‘thing’ in our lives is something we all carry around with us for some reason or another. It’s rare you meet someone who is completely content with their current being and having.

Change is something firstly we need to want to do, and something we need to be prepared to jump on out of our comfort zone to achieve. Two things fundamentally wrong when we go to start our journey. If you don’t have a burning desire in your belly to change and are willing to commit something at the start, then forget it, you may as well go to slimming world and hope for the best. Because if there isn’t a certain amount of pain from the issue you wish to change or that feeling of motivation is missing at the start, you can bet your last euro that it won’t be there when the going gets tough, that’s just basic human behaviour.

From a health and fitness angle, wanting to make changes to your food and exercise habits can often seem pretty daunting.

Just the thought can scare the crap out of you.

The actual process can be far easier than you might think. The environment, circumstances and facilitation of the change is crucial to your success.

For example, trying to change your habits when everyone around you is eating rubbish and not supporting you, or nobody is there for you in the tough times when you get initial cravings or might be struggling. If there is nobody around you, making sure you can get to your classes on time, whether it be looking after your children, or allowing you get home from work in time.

When embarking on that dreaded ‘Weight loss’ journey, all your ducks need to be in a row for you to get the best results. If they are not, you will struggle, simple.

Even if all your ducks are neatly in a row, life tends to still throw curve balls at you that you still need to dodge, so being organised in the first place will help you deal with them far better.

Now imagine if this was the case:

  • Imagine an environment of people willing you to succeed.
  • Who’ll show you the way and hold your hand through the process.
  • Who’ll laugh with you, cry with you, work hard with you and pull you through the tough times, where you may have failed in the past.
  • Who’ll welcome you into their tribe and make you feel so welcome, you won’t want to miss a workout as you will feel guilty of letting someone down.
  • Who’ll keep you and ensure you have accountability and group support through a Support System and our private VIP Group. Results so quick and consistent that will drive you and motivate you through the tough times.

How does that sound?

A pretty cool environment to change, right?

Yes, I have just described what we do and this is what we deliver time and again with our pre-Christmas 8 Week Transformation and little black dress programs in CPT.

And Yes, we deliver these with a money back guarantee, because we are so confident in our system, trainers and end product.

But either way, the things below are things you need to figure out before you start your journey (If going it alone)

  1. Learn how to manage your days and weeks more efficiently so you can make time for you.
  2. Figure out your major life stressors so you can make necessary changes to reduce them. These can be your main reason for not following through with what you said you were going to do.
  3. Gain the nutritional knowledge to arm you with the tools so you can implement them into your lifestyle successfully for long term success.
  4. Find the most effective and time efficient fat burning work out that burns the most calories for days after your workout and builds muscle, as our time is precious and we all don’t have hours to walk every day.
  5. Let people know you are going to try and change so at least they are aware of it and you have some accountability when people will be asking how it’s going. Some may support you, but expect the saboteurs. These are the ones who just hate when people are trying to do something for themselves. Unfortunately, these can be people who are closest to you.

Once you understand and gain the knowledge of these, you are then in a far better and more advanced position to succeed. This might sound complicated, but really, it’s not when you have the right guidance, structure and information.

Change can only be made permanent through repetition and clarity. These changes can take about 4 weeks to make into a habit and another 4 weeks to reinforce in the correct environment for you to have any chance to making permanent.

Being supported, held accountable, motivated are huge. Feeling like you are making progress, feeling happy that your efforts are being rewarded and your sacrifices justified.

The take away from what you have just read is this in simple steps.

When we talk about change :-

  • Find that place you are currently
  • Find out what it is costing you to stay there
  • Find that place you want to get to
  • Find out how to get there in the quickest amount of time
  • Take Action and do it

Once you have answered these questions, you can then start the process of building the plan to make it happen.

We specialise in giving you clarity on your current situation, digging deep to find out where you want to get to and how we can help get you there.

I have a small number of spaces in my diary next week to help you. We have extremely limited spaces (5 to be exact) for these Complimentary Transformation Consultations in our Dalkey studio. The feedback from these consultations alone, is that being asked certain thought provoking questions, can give you completely different answers to what you thought, and can be truly enlightening.

Grab one here before they go, and they WILL go like hot cakes!


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