• Emotional Eating when happy or sad
  • Weekend Bingeing
  • Sabotaging your progress
  • Gorging on food for no reason

As you know I’m a big fan of not sitting still and taking strides forward in self-development and learning, so I can pass on the info and keep improving the CPT Family members experience, results and long term strategies to get to optimal health

This week just passed, I have embarked on another 12 Week learning journey.

My aim is to master the techniques of reaching deep into the minds of my clients to help them resolve long standing issues that may be causing them to behave erratically and uncontrollably with regards food and to prevent them sabotaging their goals.

Effectively it will be a re wiring process, that will help you understand how your mind works and how you can implement strategies to ensure you are prepared and armed with the tools to deal with these issues when they pop their ugly heads up.

Your mind is a funny thing that hosts internal battles between your ego, super ego and Id (yes Id) that are fighting for control of your behaviour and cravings.

It’s pretty complex stuff…

But how cool would it be if you were able to manage these, stop them before they happened and re wired your brain to help you finally win the battle of the egos and through implementing simple tricks and strategies to be in full control of yourself and your decisions.

I’m pretty excited about this to say the least.

Most people can follow a diet and exercise plan with guidance and support, but there’s not many who can master winning the mind battle every time when it comes to will power and staying strong when all the temptations are there that always seem to be talking to you.

Quite often, it’s not actually your fault, you have learnt behaviour from your past experiences, possibly being rewarded with food when you were younger, subsequently causing you to relate doing something good and celebrating by rewarding yourself with food.

Sound familiar?

Something I implement now with our 2 year old.  Not rewarding her good behaviour with food, as it would be ingraining it into her brain.  You run the risk  that it may well stay with her forever.

This is going to be a massive breakthrough for my clients and a service no other fitness facility is offering as part of their memberships.

Watch this space,


Yours in fitness

Dalkey Fitpro

South Dublin










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