The Comfort Zone…Warm Fuzzy and Fruitless


Ever wonder why successful people are successful?

It’s not because they don’t take risks.

It’s not because they stick to their routines to a T and don’t do things that make them uncomfortable,

In fact…

It’s because they jump out of their comfort zone, get out of that warm fuzzy place where we all like to live and be safe and take leaps that most wouldn’t. I am not talking about huge risks, I am talking about things that scare them and challenge them each and every day.

The reality is, it’s not going to help you reach your potential and it’s not going to help you live your life to the maximum if you don’t take that leap when the opportunity arises, and yes that opportunity will arise.

It’s only recently, and by recently, I mean the last three or four years I have been taking each opportunity that comes my way, well more like grabbing the opportunity and dragging it in the direction I want. I don’t want that to sound like I am over confident because I certainly am not.  I mean that if you want to make things happen you have to take the opportunity and then run with it. It mightn’t always suit you but that’s why I say, drag it in the direction you want, so you MAKE it suit you.

I actively look to get out of my comfort zone every week. If I am not a little challenged in some way, I know I am not performing to my potential. It may scare me, stress me but ultimately I 100% trust that it improves mine and my family’s existence and future.

By the way, opportunity comes around more often when you continuously create it. It comes along less, the less you work at it.  But that’s another days’ work!

It takes guts, it takes courage it takes you breaking old habits, but I would be confident that the next time an opportunity comes around that you were too scared to take previously but tickled your fancy, that if you take it, you really won’t regret it.

The only way you will ever know is if you try it.

Live a little and feel how alive you feel after succeeding and that boost of confidence you will get from taking the leap out of that warm fuzzy fruitless place you may reside!

It could be applied to absolutely anything in your life.

Signing up for that next course you have always been interested in (Yes your brain still works and you will easily pass the exam). Take the leap


Handing in your resignation letter to your current employer as your job is sucking the life out of you and you have the fear every Sunday! You deserve better. Take the leap


This can be jumping feet first into a new fitness and health program. Your body, mind and health deserve it (We are launching our new 8 Week Transformation program on Tuesday March 28th APPLY HERE   You are worth it.  Invest in yourself. Take the leap

Your comfort zone is a nice warm fuzzy place but nothing ever grows there.

Take the leap,

You won’t regret it.


Yours in fitness,


Dalkey Fitpro

South Dublin



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