Christmas Party, My Team and Massive COMPETITION COMING

Keep an eye out over the next few days, I’ll be giving away some free stuff and I have a massive announcement regarding the biggest competition I have ever run over Christmas

We had a lovely and always enjoyable evening together on Friday for our Christmas member appreciation party.

Such an inspirational bunch.

I love catching up with everyone outside of spandex and red faces.

I always get great energy from people telling me how much it has changed their lives, being part of such an incredibly supportive bunch of members and how it costs them a fortune…In buying new wardrobes, not a bad complaint.

I never really take a step back from things to realise the effect we can have on peoples lives. People who have come to me, stuck in a rut, no motivation, no drive, no accountability and have hit rock bottom with self confidence, and can’t see a way back.

Fortunately that has become a speciality of ours, helping people who need it, but just need a little direction and help.

I got asked a question on Friday by a long time member that got me thinking.  What is your favourite part of of the journey – running my business, transformations, cookbooks, bootcamps, personal training, luxury retreats, writing ebooks, Supplement Brand and Kindle book on Amazon – (coming soon)?

I looked at her and thought…

Do you know what?

I’ve no idea,  I have never taken a step back and thought, you’re doing ok. It’s always grind grind grind, head down and grind some more.

I’m not sure whether that’s a good or a bad thing but I’m leaning towards the latter.

What I’m trying to say is, we probably all don’t give ourselves credit for the good things we do. I definitely include myself in that category, I always think there’s time for that later!

New Years resolution, pat myself on the back once in a while, whilst still grinding ha ha.

I do love my job and consider myself pretty lucky to be able to influence peoples lives for the better. Not too many people can say that.

Below you can see the team I have built around me, who care about results just as much as me and are friendly, approachable and make things really un-intimidating when starting out.

Massive props go to these guys as they keep driving the message and running great classes but ultimately being really genuine, nice people who care.

From left to right-
Dom Dowling – My Head Trainer
Me – Yours Truly
Phil Reid – Bootcamp Coach Social Co Ordinator
Jody Crosby – Personal Trainer and Bootcamp Coach
Sarah – (Taking photo) PA, staff co-ordinator and mother hen   🙂


Our christmas party with some of our members

Members Christmas Party

Anyway, back to this AMAZING Competition I will be running in the next couple of days.

I will be giving away a prize for 6 months Bootcamp for 1 Lucky winner.

6 months of Bootcamp membership worth €600
Whats Included:

  • Access to 20 Bootcamp classes (4 locations) per week in South Dublin for 6 months
  • Access to all 4 Week Bootcamp Transformations during this time (Worth €137 each)
  • Nutrition coaching
  • Free Cook Book
  • Nutrition plans
  • Access to our CPT Bootcamp inner circle VIP Accountability group
  • All access to our Members Area for Recipes, Eating plans, workouts, injury treatments, mind set training
  • Complete Mindset training


What you can expect to benefit from this prize

  • Drop up to 3 close sizes
  • Lose up to 4 Stone
  • Improve Mental Clarity
  • Energy levels through the roof
  • Unrecognisable fitness levels
  • Change bad habits in a supportive friendly environment of motivated people
  • Finally get rid of the binge eating and yo yo-ing mind set
  • No more sabotaging yourself

Stay tuned, you don’t wanna miss this.


Dalkey Fit Pro

Ps Our 8 Week Transformation for January is nearly full. Get your skates on and don’t procrastinate if you need a hand. Apply here

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