When Sarah Janes consultation application dropped into our email inbox. I could sense straight away, she was ready for change.

When we met in person for our consultation, it became apparent she had been putting herself bottom of the pile for the last couple of years, not necessarily by choice, but by necessity.

She had been through a tough few years in terms of relationships breaking down and found she was just getting through the tough times, by what-ever means possible.

She had Just spent the last number of years devoting herself to her kids and providing for them. I have the utmost respect for her, as I am happily married with two kids, and I find that pretty challenging and of course rewarding.

She is an accountant working full time, time would be limited between juggling school runs, commuting and fitting in her 4 workouts per week. We chatted for a good 45 minutes, figuring out where her deep down desire to change was coming from.

Having read some of my previous emails and blogs, she realised she was just existing, and now the kids were a little older, she could afford to put some well deserved time back into herself.

But that’s just it, she realised it herself. It took a couple of carefully chosen questions, but she came to that conclusion herself, and that’s hugely important when it comes to making the changes necessary to have a successful transformation.

Having her “Why” made the whole process for her more relevant and worthwhile.

We agreed with the program she would start. The Complete 6 Transformation. A 6 Week program that would get her results fast, yet teach her the sustainability access that would allow her to keep her results, not just get them.

We reached an agreement that 18Ibs would be an attainable target for her in the 6 Weeks.

Yes she may be able to lose more eating broccoli and chicken at every meal, but that ain’t sustainable.

The challenge was set.

She attended our in person nutrition seminar in our Dalkey studio, getting rid of all the myths around food and clarifying what is best to reduce inflammation and giving her the clear path to optimal health and fat loss.

Sarah-Jane prepped her meals, made sure she was organised, put the time back into herself. She worked diligently in her 3 Afterburn™ bootcamp classes per week, in our three south Dublin locations and got her weekly weigh in and assessment done in her weekly personal training group class in our Dalkey studio.

We kept a close eye on her in our private accountability group, to make sure her diet was on point, and this also took the guess work out for her, to leave no stone unturned in terms of getting her results.

It is quite common over the first week to see a big weight loss. This is usually a combination of water loss, a reduction in inflammation and a small part fat loss. I have seen 8-10 Ibs in one week (yes that’s quite a bit).

This is without starving herself, just with a plan to follow, with a strategy that works.

This does of course slow down, but it is always a great motivator to see results quickly no matter what. On the other hand, when results are slow sometimes, because of various variables, such as metabolic damage from low calorie diets and also then gut issues, that can take months to resolve.

Sarah-Jane got on with her working out over the first couple of weeks having dropped her first 5Ibs within the first week, by the time it got to week 5, she had dropped 15Ibs seamlessly, in her own words “With very little effort”. Now this may sound like it was easy, it certainly is not. Hard work, careful planning and being consistent, are very much key points in which we drive home through-out the Complete 6 program.

To elicit change, accountability for Sarah Jane was key, while changing these long term embedded old habits, it takes time, patience and perseverance, with a strong support network around her ie the CPT members and Team of trainers to succeed. This where most people fall down, thinking they can go it alone.

Over the 6 weeks of her Complete 6 program, Sarah-Jane lost over two clothes sizes and as mentioned above, 18Ibs of body weight with 7% body fat!

Meaning she lost a lot more water/fat/inflammation weight, but also added lean, functional muscle, to help keep her metabolism stoked so she can keep burning calories each and every day while at rest.

She lifted heavy weight, she ran, she squatted, she deadlifted, she learnt how to use TRX cables, Kettlebells, how to recover properly after her sessions and learnt a huge amount about her body and what she needed to do to sustained the results she had earned.

Having completed the Complete 6 program, she realised how much happier and healthier she felt, which meant she was a better mother, sister and daughter, with more clarity, patience, less joint pain and above all else, experienced new energy levels she had been missing out on for so long.

She has now joined our CPT community long term, continuing to push forward with her new figure and new found confidence. Below is a picture of Sarah-Janes before and after picture. Something to be really proud of, it really only shows the external benefit of the program, where most of Sarah-Janes most profound changes were internal.

Massive well done Sarah-jane, so proud of you and your results.


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