Cancer Research

Sometimes there are days you get up and it’s hard to get motivation to keep pushing forward.

Others, you are flying with all the energy in the world!

It’s the morning after our Sunday Bootcamp and coffee morning fundraiser for breast cancer research in Dalkey. We had a turn-out of 30 people for class and similar for our coffee morning straight after.  It was such a pleasure to hold a fund raiser for such a close community of people who I’m massively fond of and massively proud to be a part of!

It’s Monday morning and I always get up at 5.45am to get to work and plan out my week. Bouncing out of bed with the energy from everyone yesterday.

This is a charity very close to my heart, with several family members having been affected and mostly cured thankfully. The ongoing research is so important and we must make every effort to support it.

We managed to raise €700 in just 2 hours yesterday, which is unbelievable considering people gave up their Sundays to come along and support the cause. Everyone was so incredibly generous.  All our drop ins for the class and raffle tickets were donated with prizes including:

Fundraising Coffee Morning

Our breast cancer research fundraising morning

Thanks to all involved and we really do appreciate all your support!


Here are my top 5 Cancer fighting foods

Your body needs to have a good ph level to reach optimal health ie if your body is in an acidic/inflamed and unhealthy state it’s going to be at more of a risk to cancer and other illnesses

These foods will help you stay in an alkaline state but also give you the nutirientd that studies have shown to help prevent and fight cancer cells.

Berries – Packed full of cancer fighting Phytonutrients

Broccoli – broccoli is the only one with a sizable amount of sulforaphane, a particularly potent compound that boosts the body’s protective enzymes and flushes out cancer-causing chemicals,

Garlic – Phytochemicals in fresh garlic have been found to halt the formation of nitrosamines, carcinogens formed in the stomach when consuming nitrates (common food preservative)

Circumin (turmeric) – Studies show that curcumin could stop the precancerous cells from becoming cancerous.

Ginger– Still under research and its effects, but Ginger may cause cancer cells to Digest themselves and kill themselves without affecting surrounding cells


All very interesting stuff. Try adding these to your daily diet.

I must state, I am NOT medically trained and this article is based on my own research. You should always consult your doctor or physician for more detailed advice and medical treatment.


Yours in fitness


Dalkey Fit Pro


South Dublin



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