Bingo Wings, Loose Skin and Fatloss!


Every now and then I ask my Free Facebook Group Community (All things Healthy With Damian, join here) what their biggest struggles are when trying to reach their health and fitness goals!

We go through all the feedback and put together weekly Q and A’s answering the most pressing matters in people’s lives.

This week I put out a quick poll and our response was this:-

  • Dealing with Bingo Wings: 41%
  • Fatloss: 55%
  • Loose skin: 2%

So, as I like to help people with their day to day struggles I have decided to cover these topics this evening at 8.30pm in my ‘All Things Healthy With Damian’ free Facebook community (Join Here)

99% of all people who walk through the doors of Complete Personal Training actually struggle with these things. We cover these topics in our nutrition seminar and throughout our transformation programs  – Apply for one HERE


Loose Skin

As you get older, your skin can tend to lose its elasticity and your muscle starts to waste the less active you are. By building muscle back up this will help to tighten and tone the problem areas. We will cover in more depth the supplement strategies that we use to help tighten up the skin that has lost its natural collagen levels and elasticity in our mini seminar tonight in the group.


Bingo Wings

This ties in quite nicely with the loose skin. They can go hand in hand but are not necessarily a cause of each other. This can occur from muscle loss and lack of use, but if you want to fix it and get nice strong arms that don’t wobble you gotta lift! Using resistance training exercises (lifting weight) is the only way! This can be body weight or other.



This is a broader topic that we will cover later in WAY MORE DEPTH in the group. There are so many aspects to this. It is important to cover the holistic health of you and your body rather than the over simplistic view of moving more and eating less! This is for sure, you have to look at these 6 topics before you can expect results!

  1. Reduce inflammation
  2. Burn more calories than you are consuming
  3. Control blood sugar levels
  4. Sort your gut health out
  5. Alkalise your body
  6. Stay hydrated

All things going well, we will be going through all this later in our Live feed @ 8.30pm in my group ‘All Things Healthy With Damian’.

My wife Caroline was due our second baby yesterday, so if I can’t be in there I apologise in advance!


Catch ya later.


Warm regards in all things fitnessy



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