The BEST investment you can make!

What’s the one thing you just can’t do with out in your life?  The one thing that’s going to help or hinder you in all aspects of your life?

Your house, your job, your favourite shoes?

And then there’s the other side…

Is it your family, your other half?

Some of us are motivated by things, you can certainly do without those.

Some by family, friends and relationships.

Either way you may well just get by without either of these…albeit with difficulty and a great deal of heart ache.

Sooo what’s the ONE THNG we can’t do without?

It is if course our HEALTH and BODY.

Your health is the one thing you just can’t do without, yet it’s the one thing we neglect and abuse on so many levels.

So you have this one body that is this truly amazing thing that is all yours to care and nurture and is the vehicle that can help you have the most amazing life possible, yet we choose to continuously ignore our need for optimal health instead of embracing it…

Our one chance at health and happiness, and we do this:

  • Poison it every day through poor food choices
  • Abuse it every day through poor exercise programming, under recovery and not getting someone who knows what they are doing to help.
  • Sit at desks making it do something it’s not naturally meant to do for prolonged periods

We won’t spend the time to learn proven science based nutrition strategies, attend proven science based training classes and you guessed it, do proven research based holistic health and lifestyle coaching strategies to get the best of this thing we own and are responsible for caring for…

Yes, that’s you. You are responsible for caring for you.

Your decisions, your choices, directly result in the outcomes of your life.

If you wanna learn how to do something properly in life i.e. marketing, driving, economics, horse riding etc, etc, you figure out who’s the best and learn from them.

Why is it any different with the MOST IMORTANT THING IN YOUR LIFE, your health!

That’s why it baffles me when people say…

It’s quite expensive!

It costs HOW MUCH??

Yup we can be seen to be expensive at Complete Personal Training but that depends what your perceived value of your health is.

Anyway, do you know why we put our price point at what it is?

It’s because I have invested a small fortune in myself and my team, learning from the best at how to be the best.

You know what the best gets you?

It gets you where you want to go on your fitness journey with guaranteed results!

The way I see it…

You get what you pay for. You also value what you pay for.

People ask ‘Can you pay per class’

Yes you can at our Bootcamp, but why would you want to?

No accountability, nobody misses you, no commitment, not part of the community, no issue until…

Well, we’ll come back to that in a second.

The one thing one of my long standing members said to me this morning, I came for the results but I’m still here because of the amazing community, where people know each other’s names, they work together, socialise together and get and sustain amazing results together!

That makes it almost an easy decision… a no brainer.

Back to committing,

Would you half commit to something or would you throw all your chips in and go for broke knowing it’s a road with proven and guaranteed results?

Or the former where you don’t commit, you don’t see results because you haven’t stuck to your plan because you haven’t given it value!

Get my drift?

Rant over ha ha.

In other news, it’s our 8 Week count down to the Complete Transformation Retreat trip to Lanzarote for our week long Bootcamp Luxury retreat.


This is THE Ultimate Investment in yourself!

And yes… you deserve it!

If you’re interested, we have 3 spaces left. Check it out!

Do you want learn the exact strategies to improve every aspect of your life, through Mindset/Nutrition coaching and Training.

Well now is your perfect opportunity to join us for an experience of a life time.

The retreat is €1397 per person or €1297 per person if you’re coming as a couple.

What’s included?

  • Luxurious Villa with pool and giant jacuzzi
  • Daily Workouts
  • Daily Yoga
  • Mind set and goal setting Workshops
  • Food tailored to your needs and goals.
  • Fun and challenging excursions.
  • Massages
  • And of course time to just chill by the pool or read a book too!
  • Airport Transfers
  • Food and snacks
This is our Retreat Villa - Investment in You

Our Retreat Villa – amazing, huh!

We guarantee you will come back rejuvenated, refreshed with a new found approach to dealing with whatever life throws at you!


If this jumps off the page as something you want and need in your life with all the above, plus acquiring a new zest for life, then I suggest you apply now as we only have three places left.


As I mentioned we have just 3 spaces left out of 8 and they will not last long. So apply now so you don’t miss this life changing opportunity.


  • March 9th-16th
  • €1397 (flights not included)
  • Apply here






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