The Best Core Exercises

So as always, I put it to my Free Secret Facebook Group Community (all things Healthy With Damian) what they’d like me to help them with in my live Q and A’s every Thursday @8.30pm

All week, the resounding feedback of my poll was “Best Core Exercise”

There’s always and will always be people out there who would like to learn more about flattening their tummy and looking better in their underwear!

Your core as most people see it, is made up of several muscle groups.

The front core body includes 4 abdominal muscle groups- The Rectus Abdominis, Internal Obliques, External Obliques and Transverse Abdominis. The back core muscles include the Multifidus and the Erector Spinae.

The ones that we all see and are mainly Aesthetic are the Rectus Abdominus.  These are also known as the “6 Pack Abs” that most guys spend their days chasing.

The common preconception is that doing crunches will get you that six pack. Crunches will help to a certain extent to get you a flatter stomach, but there are tonnes of more efficient ways to do it. We will discuss in more depth in tonights Live Q and A. The reality is, that for as long as you have a layering of body fat on your mid- section, you will never get to see them.



What does that mean?

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One thing that we often forget when we are trying to improve our core is that for us to move better, be less susceptible to injuries we need to have a strong core, rather than the main reason most of us train our core!

A good analogy I like, is having a weak core, is like trying to fire a cannon from a rowing boat.

If you don’t have a base from which to work from ie from your core, you will never reach your athletic potential.!

Join me this evening where I will go through my 3 top core exercise, they are probably not what you think!

Don’t worry if you can’t watch it this evening, join our Free Facebook Community and it will be saved there afterwards for you to watch when it suits you.

Plus there’s a 7 Day meal planner in there with your name on it in the pinned post.

See you on the other side.

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