Back to school…

I’m sure this is music to most parent’s ears.

Please take them back, pleeeease

Ha ha.

Maybe I’m way off, but I understand how intense it can be having kids for extended periods.

Stressful, tiring, time consuming, etc. etc.

Whenever I feel this way looking after my two nuggets, I always come back to the same saying ringing  in my head from a couple of my single friends who are quick to point out :

“We build our own paths” with smirks on their faces living the single life.

What they don’t realise yet, they are missing out on something pretty special. That relationship you have with your kids is one that is just priceless.

I must say, as challenging as it is, I genuinely love it.

Their smiles,

Their laughs,

Their little personalities,

Their innocence and inquisitiveness (it’s a word)

I’m lucky I get to spend time with them most mornings and evenings and am in and out the house during the day to hang out.


Back to school.

A time when you can get some sort of routine, some normality, some sanity, some YOU time back.

Unfortunately, part and parcel of the summer holidays can mean lack of routine, lack of structure to your day, and this means


You know what I’m talking about. That little voice in your head saying “Go on, sure you’re on holidays” when it comes to treating yourself.

I know because, I say it to myself when I’m holiday.

It’s just my holidays consist of 3 weeks a year and not 3 months like the school holidays :-0

Its’ a big chunk of the year to be out of your routine…

It’s a ¼ of the year to be exact.

That leaves a lot of potential for sabotage and weight gain.

You may have just reached the end of the holidays and found yourself in this predicament of falling fowl to Holiday Mode Syndrome (HMS)

The main thing is to know that it is never too late to get moving and certainly never too late to start working out and changing your habits for the better.

These might help you get started.

My top tips for back to school training and finding your perfect training and food routine

  1. Find a local gym, facility (CPT is best 🙂 )that fits your logistics, but be prepared to travel if you find the one that works for you. There’s not many I’d recommend
  2. No matter what age, or level you are starting at, incorporate your resistance training into your workouts ie weight or body weight movements) especially if you are middle aged and female to help prevent osteoporosis
  3. Plan and prep your food so you know what you are going to eat. Fail to prepare and all that.
  4. You need to remember you don’t need to be preparing multiple meals for the whole family. You’d be surprised what tasty foods are really healthy and easy to prep. (This is one of the strategies we teach our members)
  5. If you eat out a lot, find places that make food you like to eat and fits your eating plan, so you don’t get caught out hungry and vulnerable.
  6. Prepare the kids lunch boxes with healthy homemade snacks that you can enjoy too, a cheaper, healthier way to reduce refined sugar and ever increasing rubbish ingredients in modern day supermarkets
  7. Some say eating health is more expensive and yes it probably is a little but here’s the thing.  What’s more expensive in the long run, buying one ingredient, natural foods that cost a little more each week OR the cost of doctor bills, prescription medication, diabetes, heart disease, surgeries etc.  I know which I’d prefer to put my money into…
  8. This one’s not food or fitness related, but if you need to pinch some pennies. Use your local facebook buy, sell and swap sites or donedeal to get school books, uniforms, p.e. gear, general clothin etc. you can save a fortune.


Try them out a let me know how you go



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