You are physically fit but are you mentally fit??


It’s great to see so many more people getting out and about and exercising the body,


It’s soooo important these days to look after your mental health as it’s quite often neglected.

Below are my top tips for keeping your top two inches fit too.


Top 5 Tips For Boosting Your Mental Fitness

When many people think of fitness, they think purely of the physical side. However, true health and fitness is about a healthy body and a healthy mind. With a healthy mind you not only have the motivation and willpower to workout to your maximum potential but you also get to enjoy countless other health benefits. In this article I’m going to help you develop a healthy mind by providing you with five of the best tips for boosting your mental fitness.


Tip 1 – Meditate Daily

Meditation clears your mind and allows you to eliminate stressful, negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones. It also improves your focus and allows you to naturally clear your mind of multiple thoughts and instead focus on one thought or task at a time. Not only does this make you happier and de-clutter your mind but it also creates a strong platform from which you can build good mental fitness.


Tip 2 – Practice Positivity

For most people, when something goes wrong, they naturally focus on it and give it all their attention. However, when hundreds of other things go right during the day, they don’t even give them a second thought. This thought process doesn’t promote good mental fitness and leads to stress, unhappiness and more.

The good news is that by practicing positivity, you can reverse this thought process and in time, you’ll naturally focus on all the positives in your day and you’ll barely notice the negatives. This will result in you being much happier and greatly improve your mental fitness.


Tip 3 – Workout At Least 3 Times Per Week

By exercising at least three times a week you stimulate blood flow to your brain and ensure that it gets all the oxygen it needs to stay healthy. Studies have shown that regular exercise also has a positive effect on a number of mental processes including memory, reaction times and reasoning. Finally, regular exercise stimulates the release of mood boosting, stress reducing endorphins which promote good mental fitness.


Tip 4 – Play Brain Training Games At Least 3 Times Per Week

Brain training games such as crosswords and Sudoku are the mental equivalent of working out regularly. They speed up your brain, improve your memory and more. However, to get the full benefit from brain training games you need to be consistent and play them regularly. So if brain training games aren’t currently part of your routine, start playing them at least three times per week from today.


Tip 5 – Make Time For Socializing

Socializing engages, tests and stimulates your brain in a way that individual exercises cannot. In addition to this, socializing with others is an enjoyable experience which gets better and better the more your mental fitness improves. So if you’ve been slacking on socializing, make start making more time for social activities in your calendar now.


By following the tips covered in this blog, you’ll be well on your way to optimal mental fitness. So if you want to start enjoying better focus, reduced stress levels and more, make these five habits part of your lifestyle and reap the rewards.


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