6 Reasons to Eat Fat

Did you know eating fat helps burn fat?

If you can teach your body to start using fat for energy, you won’t ever have to worry about being over weight again.

We can do this by reducing our carbohydrates and manipulationg your body to change over to using Fat as the main energy substrate. By increasing your three main fat sources ie Mono Saturated, Poly unsaturated and YES Saturated, it has been proven to reduce belly fat, increase satiety and concentration levels. What people don’t realise is that fats are in fact one of our best friends when it comes to reaching optimal health, not an enemy as it has been portrayed in the past!

You see fat it has soooo may functions that many people don’t realise, from brain function, heart function, cell permeability, hair, skin and nail health (a focus for the men of course), joint health, reducing inflammation and increasing your metabolic rate (your bodies abilty to burn calories at rest) to name a few.

So if someone says ‘Eat low fat’ to you, you have my permission to whip out this blog and throw it at them!

Seriously though…

It’s still an issue with most people who walk in my door beginning their fitness journey in an 8 Week Transformation!   8 Week Transformation Apply Here

Still drinking ‘Skinny Lattes’ and low fat yoghurt. Did you ever stop to think that it just might be the sugars they have added or fat that has been taken out (through chemical processing), or dairy intolerance that is causing the issues rather than the actual fat causing fat gain!

Any one have a EUREKA moment?

What else does it help with?


By the way the mental clarity/energy levels and using fat for energy bit doesn’t happen unless you are taking out your inflammatory foods and sugars.


It has been proven that deficiencies in Omega 3’s can lead to Sensory over load and can affect your vision, also used to treat glycoma and dry eye syndrome.  If you are having vitamin deficiency issues, guess which macro nutrient helps with cell permeability and absorption? FAT

Reduce Inflammation

Sore joints? Try a fish oil supplement, this will help reduce inflammation and pain throughout the body and joints through lubrication and increased blood flow.


Mental Clarity

Your brain relies on fatty acids to function at full capacity. Along with being hydrated these are the two crucial components for optimal mental performance.  Use coconut oil every day and watch your cognitive function and memory go through the roof.



Feelings of anxiety and low mood or even depression can be caused by lack of fats in your diet. This of course, is more than likely not the sole reason for these causes, but along with gut disfunction can be key contributors.


Hormone Optimisation

Fats play a crucial part in hormone optimising and production (particularly the sex hormones). Lack of crucial fats can affect menstrual cycle and can even cause difficulty in conceiving.


Gut health

As mentioned previously, a disfunctioning gut can adversley affect your immune system and your brain. They share a direct link so get those fats in!


Take home

Fats to Avoid

There is one type of fat we need to avoid at all costs! Know which one I’m talking about?

Yup, you got it…

Trans Fats

These suckers are mainly added to processed foods and ready meals. These are fats that have been messed with by man through processing at high heats with chemicals to allow foods to taste ‘nicer’. These fats cause inflammation which can lead to heart disease, stroke and diabetes. AVOID.

Take home

Try eating an avocado a day, two eggs (I have 6 whole eggs a day) and some oily fish and a cup of coffee with a spoon full of coconut oil EVERY DAY and watch all the above kick in IN SPADES.

Please enjoy and feel free to share!



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